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Accident Incident Investigation

July 25, 2013

Accident Incident Investigation

Jadwal Pelatihan Accident Incident Investigation

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In spite of our best efforts, things occasionally do go wrong. While many accidents seem to happen for “obvious” reasons, there may be things that contribute to an accident which are not always apparent.

That is why it is vital to conduct a thorough Accident Investigation whenever a workplace incident occurs. By following clear and precise steps, investigators can sometimes uncover these “underlying causes” of a mishap.

An Accident Investigation has two main goals.

1. to  determine the cause of the accident.

2. to use  this information to prevent similar accidents from happening in the future.

For these reasons it is important that anyone who can contribute to an Accident Investigation does everything possible to help the investigators. Managers, supervisors and other employees can, and should, all play a part.

The Accident Investigation training program was designed to cover the entire incident investigation process from securing the site to implementing follow-up actions.

Course Structure and Organization :

The main course topics included:

  • Management   Systems and Guidelines
  • The Goals  of an Accident Investigation.
  • Securing the Site/Investigation
  • Team  Considerations
  • Information  Gathering (e.g. interviewing, reviewing documentation)
  • Incident  Causation Model
  • Incident Analysis
    • Casual Factors Charting
    • Root Cause Map
  • Investigation Report
  • Follow-up  Activities
  • Case Study
  • Sharing of   Incident Learnings

The main emphasis in the course is on information gathering (interviewing) and incident analysis. As mentioned earlier, a case study of an actual incident is worked in “teams” to simulate an actual incident investigation.

The participants are given some background and basic incident information and have to gather additional information from the instructors who play roles as different operations personnel (e.g. crane operator, foreman, and mechanic).

The investigation teams then analyze the information to determine events, conditions, gaps in data, causal factors, and ultimately root causes.Practical exercises, videos and several discussion sessions also illustrate and reinforce key concepts covered in the training.





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TRAINING FEE for Accident Incident Investigation

Rp6.500.000,- /Peserta /Non Residential

Minimal 4 peserta

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