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Apply Financial Management Theories And Strategic Decision Making

June 17, 2015

Apply Financial Management Theories And Strategic Decision Making

Jadwal Pelatihan Apply Financial Management Theories And Strategic Decision Making

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Instructor by : Januar Eko Prasetyo 



Strategic Financial Management :

1. Financial Policy and Corporate Strategy

  • Strategic Decision Making Framework
  • Interface of Financial Policy and Strategic Management
  • Balancing Financial Goals vis-à-vis Sustainable Growth.

2. Project Planning and Capital Budgeting

  • Feasibility Study
  • Cash flow Projections – Impact of taxation, depreciation, inflation and working capital
  • Capital Budgeting Decisions – Certainty Equivalent approach, Evaluation of Risky Investment Proposals, Risk and Return analysis, Simulation and decision tree analysis, Sensitivity analysis, Capital Rationing, Adjusted Net Present Value, Replacement decisions, Application of Real Options in capital budgeting, Impact of inflation on capital budgeting decisions
  • Preparation of Project Report
  • Social Cost Benefit Analysis.

3. Risk Analysis

  • Cost Of Capital
    1. The cost Of Equity (CAPM and dividend growth model)
    2. The cost Of Debt
    3. The Weighted Average Cost Of Capital (WACC)
    4. The Impact Of Varying Capital Structures On The Cost Of Capital
  • Interest Rate and Foreign Exchange Risk
    1. The Identification Of Interest Rate and Foreign Exchange Exposure
    2. Exchange Rate Determination, Exchange Rate Forecasting and Foreign Currency Market
    3. Vield Curves and Their Significance To Financial Managers
    4. Hedging Risk Using Forwards, Futures, Options, Swaps, FRAs and Other Products
    5. Management Of Transaction, Translation and Economic Exposures
    6. The Scope and Benefit Of Financial Engineering
    7. Updated Regulation from BI about transaction that must be in IDR

4. Investment Decisions

  • Decision Making Techniques
    1. Buy vs Rent Financial Analysis
    2. Detailed Knowledge Of Discounted Cash Flow(NPV)
    3. Adjusted NPV (APV)
    4. Portfolio Theory and CAPM and their value to managers
    5. Options Embedded In Investments (Basic Knowledge Only).
  • Expansion Strategies
    1. Organic Growth, Mergers and Acquisitions
    2. Valuations for mergers and acquisitions
    3. Takeover and defence strategies
    4. Planning for post-merger success and audit
  • Corporate Reorganisation
    1. Divestments
    2. Buy-outs and buy-ins
    3. Corporate restructuring
    4. Going private
    5. Share repurchases.

5. Treasury Management and Financial Forecasting

  • Methods of financing short and long term investment, including mergers and acquisitions.
  • The role of cash flow forecasting in business planning
    1. Development and analysis of short-term financial plans.
  • Role Of Treasury Function
    1. Activities Of Treasury Managers
    2. Centralised Versus Decentralised TreasuryFfunctions.
  • Dividend Policy
    1. Influences On Dividend Policy
    2. The Effect Of Dividends Upon Company Value.





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