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Autocad 3D Design For P & ID Essentials

March 11, 2015

Autocad 3D Design For P & ID Essentials

Jadwal Pelatihan Autocad 3D Design For P & ID Essentials

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The Introduction is a combination of AutoCAD Plant 3D and AutoCAD ® P&ID, this course we will teach you how to use this new software solution in your daily work making plant designs, upgrades or expansions at your site. During the course all necessary modules will be taken care of and each trainee will make several exercises behind a training system to test the skills needed to work with the software.

This course also includes how to create P&IDs by placing equipment, connecting equipment with pipelines, and adding valves, reducers and pipe fittings. After creating the P&ID, the generation of reports and extracting data are covered. Also a part of this guide is a topic about validating your P&ID.



1. Introduction to AutoCAD Plant 3D

  • Working in a Project
  • About Projects
  • Data Organization
  • About the Project Manager
  • About the Data Manager

2. Piping

  • Creating Lines
  • Attaching Lines to a Component
  • Annotating Lines
  • Inserting Valves
  • Grouping Lines
  • Guidelines

3. Instruments and Instrument Lines

  • Adding General Instruments
  • Adding Inline Instruments
  • Using Instrumentation Lines

4. P&ID Admin for Users

  • Locating Drawings
  • Adding Project Categories
  • Adding Properties to Categories
  • Adding Drawing Properties
  • Inserting Property Data

5. Piping Basics

  • Routing Pipe
  • Modifying Pipe
  • Valves and Fittings
  • About Pipe Support

6. Piping Editing and Advanced Topics

  • Copying Parts and Pipeline Sections
  • Managing Changes in Xref files
  • Custom Parts: Permanent and Placeholder
  • Selecting an Entire Pipe Run
  • Isolate, Hide, and Lock Pipe Runs
  • Lock and Unlock Pipes

7. Working with P&ID Data in Plant 3D

  • About Working with P&ID Data in Plant 3D
  • Using the P&ID Line List to Place Lines and Inline Equipment
  • Validating the P&ID and Plant 3D Designs

8. Setting Up SQL Express for AutoCAD Plant 3D

  • About Plant 3D Databases
  • Setting Up to Use a Server Database
  • Installing SQL Server Express
  • Introduction to Setting Up SQL Server to Allow Connections
  • SQL Server Express Configuration and Management
  • Creating a New Plant 3D Project that Uses SQL Server Express
  • Converting a Project to SQL Server



Newscomer to AutoCAD P & ID and novice AutoCAD P & ID users.





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Lunch + 2x Coffee Break


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TRAINING FEE for Autocad 3D Design For P & ID Essentials

Rp7.500.000,-/Participant/Non Recidential

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