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Basic Diesel Engine

July 1, 2015

Basic Diesel Engine

Jadwal Pelatihan Basic Diesel Engine

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To update participants’ knowledge of diesel engine operation, combustion, injection systems and diesel fuels. On completion of the course, participants have gained an understanding of :

  • The operation of diesel engines, the combustion process, the origin of pollutants and  after-treatment devices
  • The criteria for the engine-turbocompressor match
  • The associated products and their circuits: fuels, lubricants and cooling fluids



1. Combustion, Operating Parameters and Diesel

  • Diesel Engine Operation and Performance
  • Operating cycles, in theory and reality. Energy balance and output
  • Mechanism and fundamental parameters of combustion: hydrocarbons, air-fuel ratio, flammability limits and autoignition lag. Interaction between the injection system, internal aerodynamics and the fuel characteristics. Combustion chambers, pistons, cylinder head.
  • The fundamental differences between spark ignition engines and ignition by compression
  • Diesel fuel, heating oil, jet fuel and fuel oil: characteristics, influence on engine operation and exhaust emissions

2. Diesel Engine Pollution Control and Supercharging

  • Exhaust Emission Regulations. Pollution Control Systems. Supercharging: Turbocompressor
  • Operation and Characteristics, Adaptation to the Engine and Technologies

3. Injection System Technologies

  • Description and operation of injection circuits: pumps, lines, injectors. Principles of fuel delivery in common rail and injector pump systems. Incidence on polluant emissions

4. Cooling, Lubrication and Filtration

  • Heat balance of the diesel engine. Cooling by liquid: fluids, flow rates, temperatures. Cooling circuit components
  • Function and Properties of Lubricants. SAE Viscosity Classification
  • Base oils, additives, lubricant formulation
  • In-service monitoring of lubricants
  • Damage Analysis: Procedure, Criteria, Causes and Remedies
  • Filtration of Cooling Liquid, Air, Fuel and Lubricant: Principles, Methods and Technologies.



Engineers and techniciants wishing to broaden their knowledge of developments in diesel engines and their industrial and road transport applications





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Lunch + 2 X Coffee Break


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TRAINING FEE for Basic Diesel Engine

Rp7.500.000,-/participant / Non Residential

Minimal 3 peserta

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