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Comprehensive Legal Aspect On Power Project

March 11, 2014

Comprehensive Legal Aspect On Power Project

Jadwal Pelatihan Comprehensive Legal Aspect On Power Project

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Instructor by: Budi Agus Riswandi

1 – 3 April 2014, Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel, Yogyakarta



In the early 1990s the Government of the Republic of Indonesia faced chronic power shortages to fulfill the growing need of electricity both for Industry and society. Due to such circumstances, the Government in around 1992 has taken an anticipated action and invited private enterprise to participate in the electricity sector. These private power projects are known as Independent Power Producers (IPPs). The government has taken several actions to support the growth of investment in power project through their policies and issues some regulatory support to provide legal certainty in power project implementation. However, financial crisis that hit most of the Asian countries in the late 1990s has terribly affected Indonesia and most of IPPs program is abandoned. Learning from such condition, the government has started their new effort to invite private investor back to this sector. The government has taken some significant reform especially on the regulatory aspect, legal certainty and guarantee support as well.

This workshop is designed to provide comprehensive understanding on power project development in Indonesia. The workshop content will focus on electricity regulatory regime in Indonesia, how to structure Power Project in Indonesia, comprehensive understanding on the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) as well as power sector update from legal perspective.



1. Introduction on Power Project in Indonesia

2. Power Project update from legal perspective

3. Electricity Regulatory Regime in Indonesia

4. Government supports/guarantee for power project in Indonesia

5. Structure of power project in Indonesia

  • How to structure a power project in Indonesia
  • Key project documents in a power project in Indonesia
  • Key players and their role in power projects in Indonesia

6. Understanding the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

  • Where PPA fits into the Structure
  • Importance and objective of PPA
  • Issues and risk allocation under the PPA

7. Case study on Power Purchase Agreement



Electric Company Officials and Personnel, Ministry officials and Electric Regulators, Development Banks Personnel, Investor in Power Project Sector, Legal Consultant, Legal Manager and any parties interested to energy and power project transaction





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2 X Coffee Break



TRAINING FEE for Comprehensive Legal Aspect On Power Project

Rp.6.000.000, – / peserta / non recidential







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