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Conductivity Measurement and Calibration

September 30, 2013

Conductivity Measurement and Calibration

Jadwal Pelatihan Conductivity Measurement and Calibration

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Instructor by: Saripudin, ST. MT.



This course will start by providing maintenance and engineering personnel with a basic understanding of Conductivity analytical technologies. This basic portion will focus on concepts applicable to virtually any manufacturer’s equipment. Following this introduction, we will proceed with in-depth training on conductivity.

At the conclusion of the course, attendees should be able to:

  • Recognize a broad variety of analytical technologies and understand the strengths and limitations of each
  • Work with instrumentation specialists to specify the best type of analytical technology for a variety of applications
  • Diagnose and correct problems with conductivity meters.



1. Conductivity Measurement Specification

  • Conductivity Range, Accuracy & Resolution:
  • Conductivity Sensor & Materials:
  • Conductivity and temperature output capability
  • Temperature Range, Accuracy & Resolution
  • Sample Trend Line Graph to Assist Data Collection

2. How to measure electrical conductivity (EC)

a) Know the EC meter

  • Components
  • Conductance or resistance?
  • Built-in temperature compensation?

b) Calibrate the EC meter

c) Measure conductance of samples

d) Calculate EC

e) Reporting EC

3. Calibrate EC meter procedure

4. Measure sample’s conductivity procedure

5. Conductivity Meters with accredited calibration (Model SOPs for EC measurement)

    1. Applicable samples
    2. Principles and summary of the measurement method
    3. References
    4. Major instruments and apparatus
    5. Reagents
    6. Preparation of working reference solution
    7. Preparation of standard solution for calibration
    8. Measurement procedures
    9. Preparation of EC meter
    10. Calibration of a cell
    11. Measurement of samples
    12. Duplicate measurement
    13. Sensitivity test of the EC meter
    14. Measurement of not detected and lowest determination limit
    15. Reporting of results



Presentation, Discussion, Case Study, Evaluation



Training Kit, Handout, Certificate, Lunch, 2 X Coffee Break, Souvenir, Pick Up Participants (Yogyakarta)


TRAINING FEE for Conductivity Measurement and Calibration

Rp7.500.000,-/Participant/ Non Residential

Minimal 3 peserta

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