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Control Valve : Operation and Maintenance

October 1, 2015

Control Valve : Operation and Maintenance

Jadwal Pelatihan Control Valve : Operation and Maintenance

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1. Control Valve

  • Preface
  • Components and Function Of Valve Body
  • Type Of Valve According Stem Movement
  • Types Of Plug
  • Plug Guiding
  • Characteristics Flow Of Control Valve
  • Valve and Its Characteristics
  • Design Features and Considerations

2. Actuator and Positioner

  • Function and Selection Criteria Of Actuator
  • Diaphragm and Piston Actuator
  • Type Of Actuator Action
  • Electrical Actuator
  • Function, Objective and Location Of Positioner
  • Positioner Action

3. Accessories for Control Valve

  • Hand Wheels or Operator Manual
  • Snubber
  • Limit Switch
  • Supply Pressure Regulator
  • Booster Relay
  • Fail Safe System
  • On-off Relays

4. Control Valve Selection

  • Information for Selection Of Control Valve
  • Materials Of Control Valve
  • Corrosion Resistance Material
  • Selection Of Flow Characteristics

5. Control Valve Sizing

  • Preface
  • Flow Capacity Coefficient
  • Liquid Service
  • Cavitations and Flashing
  • Choked Flow
  • Damages due to Cavitations and Flashing
  • How to Avoid Corrosion and Cavitations on Control Valve
  • Cavitations Index
  • Gas or Steam Service
  • Gas Sizing Universal
  • Sizing for Mixing Gas-Liquid
  • Actuator Sizing
  • Actuator for Sliding and Rotary Stem Valve
  • Valve Sizing Using Software

6. Valve Problems and Maintenance Activities

  • Noise In Valve
  • Noise Control
  • Fluid Behaviors
  • Problems In Control Valve and Its Solution
  • Maintenance Problems Of Control Valve
  • Troubleshooting Analysis
  • Hands-on Activities



  • Instrumentation Engineers and Technicians
  • Design and Process Engineers
  • Operation, Piping, Mechanical and Plant Engineers
  • Maintenance Technician and supervisors
  • Service Engineers and supervisors
  • Work over engineers and supervisors
  • Asset Manager Team members
  • Everybody who are responsible for selecting, purchasing, or repairing control valves. 






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TRAINING FEE for Control Valve : Operation and Maintenance

Rp 7.000.000,- / participant / non residential

Minimal 3 orang peserta

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