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Corrosion Control Low Pressure Boiler

May 12, 2015

Corrosion Control Low Pressure Boiler

Jadwal Pelatihan Corrosion Control Low Pressure Boiler

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Instructor by : Gregorius Meko



  1. To safely start up and shut down low pressure boilers.
  2. To blow down a boiler.
  3. To react to low water conditions.
  4. To minimize the possibility of furnace explosions.
  5. To hydrostatically test boilers.
  6. To repair gauge glasses.
  7. To lay up a boiler.
  8. To correct a steambound pump.



1. The Boiler

  • Principles of operation
  • Boiler types

2. Boiler Fittings

  • Safety valves
  • Pressure gauges
  • Water column
  • Bottom/surface blowdowns
  • Fusible plugs
  • Boiler vent

3. Feedwater Accessories

  • Feedwater systems
  • Vacuum pump
  • City water makeup
  • Low-water fuel cutoff
  • Feedwater regulator

4. Steam Accessories

5. Combustion Accessories

  • Fuel oil system
  • Gas system
  • Combination gas/fuel oil
  • Coal systems
  • Combustion
  • Automatic combustion control

6. Draft Control

  • Draft
  • Measuring draft
  • Controlling draft

7. Boiler Water Treatment

  • Scale
  • Oxygen in boiler water
  • Feeding chemicals
  • Priming and carryover
  • Boiler water treatment

8. Boiler Operation

  • Taking over a shift
  • Blowing down a boiler
  • Low water conditions
  • Furnace explosions
  • Preparing for inspections
  • Hydrostatic testing
  • Testing low water fuel cutout and operation
  • Direct/indirect cooling systems

9. Boiler Room Safety

  • Boiler room accidents
  • Boiler room fire prevention

10. Laying Up A Boiler

  • Broken gauge glasses
  • Cleaning the gauge glass
  • Leaking gauge glass washers
  • Correcting steambound pumps
  • Maintaining a boiler room log

11. Hot Water Heating Systems

  •  Cooling Systems



  • Supervisors of maintenance personnel who repair pumps
  • Maintenance managers
  • Sellers of industrial equipment or supplies
  • Process operators
  • Anyone needing a basic understanding of pump purposes, types and operation





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TRAINING FEE for Corrosion Control Low Pressure Boiler

Rp7.500.000, – / peserta / Non Residential

Min 3 peserta running


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