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Effective Leadership and Personal Effectiveness

April 2, 2015

Effective Leadership and Personal Effectiveness

Jadwal Pelatihan Effective Leadership and Personal Effectiveness

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Instructor bSyafaruddin Alwi


OUTLINE MATERI Training Effective Leadership and Personal Effectiveness

  1. Gain a clear use and understanding of the difference between leadership skills and management skills.
  2. Learn how leadership and management compliment each other to build highly successful leadership teams.
  3. Assess their own leadership skills and identify areas for personal growth.
  4. Learn the characteristics of behavioral styles so they will understand the needs of their team members and know how to work with and bring out the best in each individual.
  5. Learn how to practice effective communication skills when interacting with employees regarding new goals or program initiatives.
  6. Develop strategies for involving employees in the long-range vision and problem solving process.
  7. Practice proven delegation strategies that will open up more blocks of time for them to focus on developing new goals and strategies for their team.
  8. Practice empowering team members to higher levels of achievement and fulfillment.
  9. Setting and achieving your goals
  10. Communicating your message
  11. The ability to build practical plans of action
  12. The ability to handle difficult people
  13. The ability to develop self-confidence, self-motivation and personal initiative
  14. The ability to inspire confidence, motivation and initiative in others
  15. Analyse your personal strengths and preferred work pattern to enable performance improvement
  16. Act on priorities by identifying what is really important for your business and by setting personal and business goals
  17. Recognise and minimise unproductive activities including procrastination
  18. More effectively plan and control your time, diary, deadlines and meetings
  19. Develop appropriate methods and behaviour for delegating successfully and dealing with interruptions
  20. Use tried and tested techniques for achieving the best results from your time and efforts





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TRAINING FEE for Effective Leadership and Personal Effectiveness

Rp. 7.000.000, – / peserta / non recidential


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