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Groundwater And Surface Water Management

May 22, 2015

Groundwater And Surface Water Management

Jadwal Pelatihan Groundwater And Surface Water Management

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Groundwater and surface water have distinct and complementary properties that strengthen the case for integrated water management. integrated groundwater and surface water use and management arrangements may make to optimise the economic, social and environmental outcomes of managing  water resources.

Integrated management can increase water availability by improving efficiency or providing ways to access otherwise under-utilised resources.

In this course will be explain about the range of possible ways in which all water resources may be used or managed together, it is necessary to understand the complementary properties of groundwater and surface water, and to design water management arrangements that take advantage of the whole water cycle.



1. Introduction

  • Properties of groundwater and surface water

2. Objectives and benefits of integrating groundwater and surface water

  • Improving security and reliability of supply
  • Maintaining water quality to acceptable levels
  • Managing third-party impacts
  • Improving water system efficiency and resource conservation
  • Storing and delivering water where and when it is available and needed

3. Integrated management and the National Water Initiative

4. Capturing opportunities and tackling limitations

  • Systematic consideration of integration options
  • Demonstrating the value proposition
  • Wider implications





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