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Handling The Media Public Speaking

January 19, 2015

Handling The Media Public Speaking

Jadwal Pelatihan Handling The Media Public Speaking

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Instructor by Fauzan Asmara



  1. Analyze and assess the latest public relations concepts and strategies in a variety of contexts.
  2. Appraise certain public relations techniques and approaches appropriately geared to the working environment of Arab institutions.
  3. Practice key public relations skills relating to verbal and written communication, as well as editorial, layout and production techniques.
  4. Improve their awareness of the main media skills in Public Relations.


OUTLINE MATERI Training Handling The Media Public Speaking

Public Relations Concepts

  • Roles and Situations
  • Qualities for Successful Public Relations Staff

Public Relations and Communication

  • The Public Relations Officer as Communicator
  • Exchange of Messages
  • Models of Communication Process
  • Importance of Body Language in Public Relations

Public Relations Responsibilities

  • Corporate Image Identity and Reputation
  • Public and Community Oriented Activities Aimed at Internal and External Public

Public Relations and the Media

  • Relations with the Media
  • Preparing Press Kits
  • Preparing Press Releases
  • Conducting Press Conferences
  • Dealing with the Media
  • Building Good Relationships with the Media

Presentation Skills and Techniques in Public Relations

  • Preparation
  • Rehearsal
  • Presentation

Public Relations Written Skills

  • Editorial, Layout and Production Techniques
  • Writing Memos and Reports
  • Preparing Newsletters
  • Designing and Preparing Brochures

The Public Relations Promotional Role

  • Public Relations Role in Marketing and Advertising
  • Sponsorship and Promotions
  • Organizing Exhibitions
  • Media Coverage





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Lunch + 2 X Coffee Break


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TRAINING FEE for Handling The Media Public Speaking

Rp7.500.000,- / peserta /Non Residential

Minimal Running 4 peserta


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