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Integrated HSE And Quality Management System

May 2, 2015

Integrated HSE And Quality Management System

Jadwal Pelatihan Integrated HSE And Quality Management System

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Instructor by : Bambang Murtjahtjanto 



An integrated management system brings benefits to the organisation in which it is used. Where formal management systems have been implemented separately (e.g. Health and Safety, Environment and Quality) there will be many duplications in work standards, procedures and systems of work, all resulting in additional costs and even conflicts. In this programme you will learn:

  • How to integrate your health, safety, environment and quality management
  • How to identifying potential risks using new Risk Mapping Techniques
  • How to develop an HSEQms auditing and monitoring programme
  • How to write and implement HSEQms procedures and work instructions



The purpose of this programme is to show delegates how to develop and implement a single health, safety, environmental and quality management system (HSEQms). This involves using exercises and case studies of how to develop a cohesive management system that supports the day-to-day operations and delivers what the organisation needs. The programme will show delegates how they can plan and implement an integrated HSEQms in a balanced and cost-effective way.



Participants will develop their understanding of:

  • Health, safety, environment and quality management systems (SMS , EMS – QMS)
  • Developing and implementing Risk Mapping programmes, using the new Risk Mapping Tool, to identify, analyse and control potential risks present within their organisations operations
  • Identifying common management elements through Gap Analysis techniques
  • Carrying out HSEQ audits, including writing and presentation of audit reports
  • Develop skills for investigating causes of accidents



1. Introduction to Integrated Management Systems (IMS – HSEQms)

  • What is an Integrated Management system (IMS)?
  • Management System Standards
    • OHSAS 18001:1999 (Health and Safety Management Systems)
    • ISO 14001:2004 (Environment Management Systems)
    • ISO 9000:2000 (Quality Management Systems)
    • ISO 19011:2002 (Management Systems Auditing
  • The Business Case for an IMS – Costs and Benefits

2. IMS – The HSEQms Framework

  • Plan  Do  Check – Act
    • Plan: Policy and Planning
    • Do: Implementation and Operation
    • Check: Performance Assessment Improvement
    • Act: Management Review
  • Setting the HSEQms Framework within the Organisation
  • Case Study: The Bhopal Gas Disaster, including Video
  • Team Exercise: Writing up HSEQms Framework

3. IMS – Developing an HSEQ Management System

  • New Risk Mapping Tool
    • Developing a Risk Mapping programme
    • Identifying Hazards using the new Risk Mapping Tool
    • Determining Potential RisK
  • Reviewing Existing Emergency Plans and Response Actions
  • Developing and Writing HSEQ Procedures and Work Instructions
  • Case Study: Chemical Explosions, including videos
  • Team Exercise: Identifying hazards using the Risk Mapping Tool

4. IMS – Implementing and Monitoring an HSEQms

  • Establishing and Implementing Active and Reactive Monitoring Procedures
  • Developing and Writing an HSEQ Auditing Procedure
  • Carrying out an HSEQ Audit and Writing and Presenting the Audit Report
  • Case Study: Major Accidents, including video
  • Team Exercise: Writing and Presenting an HSEQ Audit Report

5. IMS – HSEQms Auditing

  • Case Study: Step-by-Step guide for developing and implementing an HSEQms
  • Programme Key Points Summary
  • Open Discussion and Review Session
  • Close of programme



  • Management and individuals who have responsibilities for health, safety, environmental and/or quality management
  • Production, process, maintenance, and HSE and QA personnel
  • All line-management personnel involved in planning and/or implementing the organisations Health & Safety, Environment and/or Quality procedures





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Rp7.000.000,- / participant/Non Residential

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