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Isolation Of Hazardous Energy Sources

May 28, 2015

Isolation Of Hazardous Energy Sources

Jadwal Pelatihan Isolation Of Hazardous Energy Sources

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Instructor by : Bambang Murtjahjanto



This course provides guidance on the general principles of safe isolation. It describes how to isolate plant and equipment safely, and how to reduce the risk of releasing hazardous substances during activities such as maintenance and sampling operations.



  • Understand the reasons for isolation procedures and the consequences of failing to ensure secure isolations.
  • Understand and be able to identify the hazards associated with machinery and equipment.
  • Understand the principles and terminology associated with isolation schemes.
  • Understand the essential requirements of isolation schemes.
  • Understand how to select the most appropriate isolation scheme, proportionate to the risks involved in the work activity.
  • Be able to understand and apply a simple isolation procedure within a safe system of work, permit to work or a local “lock, tag and test” (personal) isolation scheme.

OUTLINE MATERI Training Isolation Of Hazardous Energy Sources 

  • The reasons for isolation procedures.
  • Case studies of accidents involving a failure to isolate.
  • Principles of isolation.
  • The mechanical and non-mechanical hazards associated with machinery and equipment.
  • Terminology used in isolation procedures.
  • Isolating pipes, vessels and valves.
  • Handover procedures and transfer of responsibility.
  • Selecting the most appropriate isolation method – the hierarchy and principles of control.
  • Essential requirements of every isolation scheme.





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Rp7.000.000,- / participant / NON Residential

(Quota minimal 4 orang, training siap running)

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