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Mechanical Maintenance Lathes And Troubleshooting

September 28, 2013
Mechanical Maintenance Lathes And Troubleshooting

Jadwal Pelatihan Mechanical Maintenance Lathes And Troubleshooting

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Instructor by : Sugeng Isdwiyanudi 



  1. LEARN how the different systems of the machine function both individually and in relation to each other, and to become aware of the preventive maintenance required to keep the machine running in top condition.
  2. DIAGNOSE problems using your own experience, the manuals provided with this course, your machine, and the machine’s own self-checking capabilities.
  3. PERFORM simple repairs that can save expensive service calls and downtime.


MATERI Training Mechanical Maintenance Lathes And Troubleshooting 

Machine Installation

  • Oil Requirements
  • Power Requirements

2. Outline of Controls

3. Fundamental Machine Operation Procedure

  • MDI Operation
  • Spindle Rotation
  • User Stroke Limits

4. Alarms

5. Machine Leveling

6. Lubrication Distribution

7. Hydraulic Power Supply

8. Hydraulic Chucking

9. Disk Break Replacement

10. Spindle Assembly Hands On

  • Spindle Runout Check
  • Spindle Bearing Temperature Check Headstock
  • Alignment Troubleshooting Headstock Noise
  • Belt Tension Setting and Pulley Alignment Hydraulic Cylinder Alignment

11. Turret

  • Operation Alignments
  • Adjustments Problems

12. Ballscrew Alignment

13. Tailstock Alignment

14. Headstock Alignment

15. Gib Adjustments and Replacement

16. Inspection and Maintenance



Operator, Senior Operator, Engineer/Non Engineer





Case Study




Training Kit



Lunch + 2 X Coffee Break




TRAINING FEE for Mechanical Maintenance Lathes And Troubleshooting

Rp 8.500.000,- / participant / Non Residential

(minimal 4 peserta training pasti jalan)

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