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Oil and Gas Surface Production Facilities

November 25, 2014

Oil and Gas Surface Production Facilities

Jadwal Pelatihan Oil and Gas Surface Production Facilities

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Intructor by : Drs. H. Sutrisno, Bc.M 



  • Understand the basic concept of oil and gas handling processes and facilities, and how to operate this technology in field application.
  • Diagnostic of oil and gas reservoir performance under actual drive mecanism and future performance with current handling processes.
  • Analyze the production potential of reservoir under with actual handling system processes and to plan the better development processes according to reservoir capacity.
  • Understand the fundamentals of microscopic and macroscopic aspects and phenomena of oil and gas handling processes.



Operator/Sr. Operator/Engineer or Non Engineer



Gas Surface Production Operation and Equipments

  • Introduction to Gas Handling and Facilities
  • Gas Properties
    • Ideal gas
    • Real Gas
    • Gas Formation Volume Factor
    • Gas Compressibility
    • Gas-Water System
    • Gas-Condensate System
  • Gas Reservioir Performance
    • Reservoir Gas Flow
    • Gas Reserves
    • Well Completion Effect
    • Tight Gas Well
    • Gas Well Testing
  • Gas Piping System
    • Basic Flow Equation
    • Flow in Wells and Flow in Pipelines
    • Effect of Liquids
    • Use of Pressure Traverse Curve
    • Liquid Removal from Gas Wells
  • Gas Compression
    • Type of Compressors
    • Compressor Design
    • Centrifugal Compressor
  • Total System Analysis
    • Tubing and Flow Line Effect
    • Separator Pressure Effect
    • Compressor Selection
  • Flow Measuring
    • Orifice Metering
    • Metering System Design
    • Other Metering Methods
  • Gas Condensate Reservoir
    • Well Testing and Sampling
    • Gas Cycling
  • Field Operation Problems
    • Pressure Cumulative Production Plot
    • Hydrate Formation
    • Sour Gas Production
    • Corrosion Control With Inhibitors
    • Sulfur Deposition
  • Gas Processing
    • Field treatment of Natural Gas
    • Gas Plant Operation
    • Gas Dehydration
    • Gas Sweetening

Oil Surface Production Operation and Equipments

  • Oil Well Surface Production Equipment and Operation
    • Oil Well Equipment
    • Oil Well Production Operation
    • Well Automatic Safety Device
  • Oil Gathering System. Manifold and Flowline
    • Oil Gath ring System
    • Manifold e System
    • Flowline Sizing and Design
  • Crude Oil and Gas Separation
    • Separator and Principle of Separation
    • Design of Separator
    • Oil Dehydration
  • Principles of Measurement
    • Introduction to Measurement
    • Crude Oil Measurement
    • Gas Measurement
  • Well Test
    • Introduction
    • Responsibility for Test
    • Preparation for Test
    • Types of Well Test
    • Equipment and Procedures
    • Accuracy of Fluid Measurement
    • Problem in Testing
    • Type of Test
  • Artificial Lift Method
    • Gas Lift
    • Submersible Pump
    • Succker Rod Pump
  • Hydraulic Pump


TRAINING METHOD                                                                               



Case Study




Training Kit



1 x Lunch

2 X Coffee Break



TRAINING FEE for Oil and Gas Surface Production Facilities

Rp10.000.000,- / participant / Non residential

(Minimal 3 orang peserta)


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