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Online Training – Combussion Tuning

April 30, 2020

Online Training – Combussion Tuning

Jadwal Pelatihan Online Training – Combussion Tuning

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Combustion tuning can improve overall boiler efficiencies and improve boiler reliability. When the combustion controls are properly tuned to the plant operation, unexpected shutdowns are reduced or eliminated. Combustion tuning is generally conducted by experienced engineers who adjust the various parameters set during the program run-time, such as flue-gas emission characteristics, combustion balance, steam temperature characteristics, and boiler efficiency, in order to optimize the process.


OUTLINE MATERI Training Online – Combussion Tuning

  • Emerging Technologies in Power Plant using Distributed Control Sistem (DCS) Measurement Element
  • Basic Control Loops
  • Steam Supply and Firing Rate Demand
  • Feedwater Control Sistems
  • Boiler Draft Sistems
  • Combustion Control: Cross Limiting, Control, Control Single and Multiple Fuel, Systems, Running Fuel Changes, Process Dynamics
  • Model Predictive Control: Coordinated Control and Advance Combustion Control
  • Interactive Discussion
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