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Online Training – Talent Acquisition

December 5, 2022

Online Training – Talent Acquisition

Jadwal Pelatihan Online Training – Talent Acquisition

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About this Learning is designed to teach HR students the skills to recruit and select the best talent to help drive organizational strategy. The learning module will also prepare HR students to evaluate two methods for job analysis and several selection methods with an emphasis on designing and conducting professional and valid interviews. Students will learn how to design and ask interview questions that are behaviorally anchored and focused on person-fit and job-fit skills, both of which are important for successful adaptation and effective performance on the job. Students will also learn how to design a process and framework for final individual or group selection. Lastly, they will learn several strategies to successfully onboard new employees. Audience This learning module is appropriate for undergraduate or graduate students.



  • Define talent acquisition and differentiate between recruiting and selection processes.
  • Use tangible and intangible data to build a business case for effective talent management.
  • Articulate seven steps in a common talent acquisition process.
  • Conduct a job-fit and organization-fit analysis and translate the analysis into selection criteria and methods.
  • Develop behavior-based and situation-based interview questions derived from job analysis data and conduct a professional interview.
  • Design a process for final candidate evaluation.
  • Articulate an employer’s legal responsibilities in the recruitment process.
  • Highlight various strategies to onboard newly acquired talent.



  • Introduction
  • Talent Management and Talent Management Model Display Slides and Provide Definitions and a Model for Talent Management
  • Talent Acquisition Defined
  • Business Case & Key Assumption
  • Acquisition Workflow
  • Job Analysis
  • Sourcing Candidates Ask students,
  • Fit and Person
  • Organization Fit
  • Selection Methods
  • Legal Compliance
  • Your Interview Experience
  • Halo Effect and Recency Effect
  • “More Than a Gut Feeling”
  • Interview Question Design
  • Let’s Practice: Interview Question Design
  • Let’s Practice: Interview Question Design Continued
  • The Interview
  • Let’s Practice: Fishbowl Concept
  • Candidate Evaluation
  • Candidate Evaluation (Continued)
  • Onboarding
  • Onboarding Ideas
  • Conclusion
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