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Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (PID)

October 11, 2023

Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (PID)

Jadwal Pelatihan Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (PID)

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The course is comprised of combined classroom instruction and workshop exercises. The instructor focuses on critical documentation, such as P&ID, PFD, Plot Plan, Electrical Area Classification, Piping Drawing, Isometric Drawing, Line List, Tie-In List and Shutdown Keys essential for safe day to day operation of facilities. Accurate drawings are a requirement for the analysis of emergency situations and the assessment of safety, environmental and regulatory compliance issues. Covers the principle of piping and instrument diagram. Also provides the reference standard developed by ISA S5.1 to 5 series and part of API 14C. Practice for reading and understanding the diagram.


  • Understand the symbol of instrument
  • Understand ISA S5.1
  • Identify the process flow diagram (PFD)
  • Understand the line designation
  • Use the instrument and control symbols
  • Interpret simplified diagram
  • Know the implementation of P&ID



1. Introduction

  • Objectives, What are P&IDs?, Why are P&IDs important?, Who uses P&IDs?

2. Information on a Typical P&ID

  • Kinds of Information, the Title Block, the Main Drawing, Line Schedule, Description, Zone numbers

3. ISA S5.1 P&ID

  • Overview, Standard, Symbol, Instrument Loop Diagram

4. Instruments

  • Instrument and Control Loop, Instrument Identification, Identifying Functions

5. Line Designations

  • Piping, Example Line Label, Tracing and Insulation, Instrument Lines

6. Process Flow Diagram (PFD)

7. Process Topology, Stream information, Equipment Information

8. Tracing Process Flow

  • Identifying where Process Begins and Stops, Tracing a Process Stream

9. Control Process Operation

  • Control Loops, Function of Instrument in Control Loop

10. Logic Systems

  • Basics Process Control, Alarm, Interlocks

11. Interpreting and Understanding P&ID

  • Principles of Particular Processes, Understanding the P&ID, Knowing Safety in the P&ID

12. Excercises



Engineers, Supervisors, Technicians, Operators working within instrumentation, Production and Operation, Communication and Networking, Information Technology, Reliability who seek innovative and better performance of emerging industrial control and automation





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