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Power System Fault Analysis And Protection

March 26, 2015

Power System Fault Analysis And Protection

Jadwal Pelatihan Power System Fault Analysis And Protection

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Instructor by : Saripudin



The course is designed for the power systems’ engineers responsible for the operation, control and protection of distribution, transmission and generation systems. It is also targeting consulting and manufacturing engineers, engineers in industrial plants, etc.


1. Introduction and Course Outline

2. Power System Components Modeling

  • Generators/motors, Transformers, Transmission lines

3. Symmetrical Faults

  • Three-phase short circuit, Fault currents using Zbus
  •  The selection of circuit breakers

4. Symmetrical Components

  •  Sequence components and networks

5. Unsimmetrical Faults

  • Single-line-to ground, Line-to-line, and Double-line-to ground faults, and  Open conductor
  •  Practical examples

6. Protective Devices Characteristics

  • Fuses, and Fuse coordination and selection
  • Practical examples on fuses selection and coordination
  • Transformer fusing
  • Automatic circuit reclosers
  • Reclosers ratings and control
  • Examples on reclosers coordination
  • Relays: Electromechanical, Solid state, and Microprocessor-based relays
  • OC relays and exercises

7. Transformer Protection

  • Factors affecting transformer protection
  • Magnetizing inrush current
  •  Magnetizing inrush current harmonics
  •  Sympathetic inrush current
  • Protection against incipient faults
  •  Differential protection of ∆ / transformers
  •  Differential protection of multi-winding transformers
  • Gas detection
  • Sudden pressure
  • Transformer overcurrent protection
  •  Principles of differential protection

8. Generation Protection

  • Generators internal faults
  •  System disturbances and operational hazards
  •  Typical protection of direct connected generators
  •  Connection of generator protection
  • Turn to turn fault protection
  •  Practical examples
  • Back up protection
  • Ground fault protection
  •  Rotor protection
  • Loss of citation protection

9. Motor Protection

  •  Potential motor hazards
  • Motor characteristics involved in protection
  •  Induction motor equivalent circuit
  •  General motor protection
  • Phase-fault protection
  • Differential protection
  • Ground-fault protection
  • Thermal and locked-rotor protection
  • Locked-rotor protection for large motors (21)
  •  System unbalance and motors
  • Unbalance and phase rotation protection
  • Undervoltage protection
  •  Bus transfer and reclosing
  •  Repetitive starts and jogging protection
  • Multifunction microprocessor motor protection units
  •  Synchronous motor protection
  •  Summary: typical protection for motors
  •  Practical considerations of motor protection

10. Protection Of Radial Feeders

  • Coordination of protective devices
  •  Radial line protection strategy
  •  Clearing temporary faults
  • Clearing permanent faults
  •  Recloser-fuse coordination
  •  OC relays coordination
  •  Phase and ground relays
  •  Procedure for instantaneous relay setting

11. Transmission Line Protection

  • Over current protection
  • OC protection of radial lines, loop with one source, and of multiple loop systems

12. Distance Protection Of Transmission Lines

  • How V/I=Z makes a distance relay
  • Distance relay characteristics
  • Protection zones of distance relays
  •  Practical examples and exercises

13. Pilot Protection Systems

  •  Principles and applications
  •  Pilot protection systems
  • General concepts of pilot communication
  •  Unit protection pilot schemes
  • Single phase comparison blocking
  •  Dual phase comparison unblocking

14. Bus Protection

  • Bus faults
  • Bus protection requirement
  •  Bus differential protection for different bus arrangements

15. System Stability and Out of Step Relaying

  • Steady state stability
  • Transient stability
  • Equal area criterion
  • Relay operation and transient stability condition
  • Impedance measured by relays during power swing
  • Out of step detection by distance relays
  • Synchrophasors based out of step relays





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