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Roads Design, Construction And Maintenance

August 18, 2014

Roads Design, Construction And Maintenance

Jadwal Pelatihan Roads Design, Construction And Maintenance

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Oleh : DR. Ir. Edy Purwanto, CES., DEA



The objective of the Road Maintenance Division is to provide and maintain a safe and adequate road system for the unincorporated. In addition to general maintenance, this budget includes the cost of engineering, right-ofway acquisition, construction, and maintenance of the 421 miles of County road. The Division’s activities include: traffic engineering, street overlays, replacement of culverts, road surface maintenance, chip seals, patching, shoulder repairs, tree removal and maintenance, removal of roadside debris, storm patrol, storm cleanup, striping, and providing requested service to other County departments.



  1. Highway Maintainance
  2. Road Maintenance
    1. Brodan project and improvements project implementation of Provincial Highway and county road maintenance.
    2. Soil and Water Conservation project.
    3. Eviromental impact evaluation of maintenance and roadway broaden project.
  1. Bridge management
    1. Regular inspection and examination of bridges.
    2. Bridge monitoring.
    3. Managements for overweight and special size vehicle limitation when driving on bridge.
    4. Management of extra hanging wires on the bridge.
    5. River maintenance and bridge safety.
  2. Roadway management
    1. Maintenances and reparations of Provincial Highway and County Road.
    2. Provincial Highway and County Road disaster handling.
    3. Road digging and road flattening management.
  3. Transportation Engineering
    1. Roadway and tunnel facility placement management.
    2. Stage III inspections of Provincial Highway.
    3. Planning and implementation of intelligent highway transportation system.
    4. Electrical Engineering and lightening for highways and tunnels.
  4. Landscape
    1. Landscape construction, plants and greens for highway and bridge constructions.
  5. Preventions and rescues for highway disaster
    1. Preventions and rescues for highway and bridge disaster,and highway contingency or emergency handling
  6. Major Public Construction Projects of transportation
    1. Emergency improvement project for dangerous sections and bottlenecks of provincial highways.
    2. Old and damaged bridges repair projects.
    3. Emergency improvement project of seismic retrofit for provincial highway bridges.
    4. Demonstration program of green eastern Taiwan bicycle lane network.
    5. Life circle roadway traffic system program.
    6. Intelligent transportation system–Development and promotion of the integration and implementation of immediate traffic information and report platform.
    7. Provincial highway LED traffic light replacement project.





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