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Security Incident Report Writing

September 30, 2013

Security Incident Report Writing

Jadwal Pelatihan Security Incident Report Writing

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Industrial security is a very vital and important aspect in achieving Loss Prevention and Loss Control as well as to protect the company assets such as people (employees and their families, visitors, etc.), equipment, data or information, materials, environment, other company assets (building, working area, shops, housing complex, etc). In other words, one of the security function is how to prevent an control any security incidents which will affect the above company assets such as theft, sabotage, equipment damage, fires, riots, demonstrations, bomb threats, etc.There are some factors or “tools” to be applied to achieve the best security incidents investigation, one of them is how to implement good report writing of security incidents investigation.



  1. Understand and implement the basic principles of
  2. Loss Control Management
  3. Security Management
  4. Security Incidents Investigation Techniques
  5. Know and understand the Best Practices of Industrial Security Incidents Reporting System as well as the related R.I Police regulations/procedures/guidelines and other RI Government Body/Institution (BP Migas, Depnaker, Military, etc.)
  6. Implement good and proper report writing of security incidents investigation
  7. Prepare and implement the Security Work Program include its compliance monitoring


TRAINING COURSE MATERI Training Security Incident Report WritingALS

  1. Introduction to Loss Control Management (Causes & Effect of Loss)
  2. Introduction to Industrial Security Management
  3. Introduction to RI Government Industrial Security Regulations/Procedures
  4. Basic Principles of Security Incident Investigation Techniques
  5. Report Writing Principles of Security Incidents Investigation
  6. Review the Actual Security Incidents in Various Industries/Companies
  7. Case Study : course participants will practice in preparing the report writing of various security incidents, and will be presented and discussed in the class room
  8. Security Incidents Film/VCD Show to be discussed in the class room
  9. Pre-Course Assessment, Post-Course Assessment, Course Review and Evaluation.



Security Team Leaders/Group Leaders, Security Supervisors, Security Contractor/Provider Representatives and whoever are interesting in Security Incidents Report Writing matters.





Case Study




Training Kit




2x Coffee Break


Pick Up Participants (Yogyakarta)


TRAINING FEE for Security Incident Report Writing

Rp6.500.000,-/Participant/Non Residential

Minimal 3 peserta

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