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Shipping Port Management

April 11, 2015

Shipping Port Management

Jadwal Pelatihan Shipping Port Management

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Shipping and Port management which plays a crucial role in international trade and commerce, falls in the department of logistics. As almost 90% of world’s overall trade is done through sea route, these ports need to be managed well. When trade across countries flourished, movement of freight by means of ships was considered the most cost effective means of transport. This increased the need of professionals in this area to manage port activities. Port Management is a mishmash of transportation, materials and goods handling and storage, ship operations and safety and health management.

This course include areas such as shipping laws, sea transportation, maritime economics, marine insurance, international trade and commerce, managerial economics, port management and charting. It provides theoretical, technical and managerial skills to work professionally in the shipping and port management sector.



  • To enhance strategic decision-making skills through analysis and integrated perspective.
  • To understand core general management concepts as applicable to the ports sector.



  1. Introduction to the Business of Ports
  2. People Management
  3. Strategic management in a competitive environment
  4. Knowledge management
  5. Port Economics
  6. Finance, Accounting and Budgeting
  7. Effective Safety Management in Portsand Terminals
  8. Port Environmental Management
  9. Port Security and Emergency Response
  10. Project Management : Principles and Techniques
  11. Case Study : Port Development Project



  • Senior management (functional heads) and prospective senior managers from the ports, shipping, and related logistics services within the maritime sector  globally.
  • The programme addresses fundamental strategic concerns of ports anywhere in the world.





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TRAINING FEE for Shipping Port Management

Rp7.500.000,- / participant / Non Residential

Minimal 3 peserta

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