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Successful Multichannel Marketing Strategies

January 27, 2014

Successful Multichannel Marketing Strategies

Jadwal Pelatihan Successful Multichannel Marketing Strategies

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Strategic Marketing ensures the sustainability, and strengthens the products / services of a company in any market. It does this by positioning its strengths and resources, using a targeted plan. This increases the sales in both a Niche, and a Mass market. Strategic Marketing identifies the product development, promotion, advertising, creative, distribution, etc. Strategic Marketing determines a successful marketing mix, the targeted segments, positioning, and resources.

As customer’s multi-task, switch channels seamlessly and filter out interruptive, noise-based communications, the need for a multichannel, integrated approach has never been greater. This course will help you to plan, execute and measure successful multichannel, integrated marketing that encompass traditional and new media together.

This programme includes a series of participative activities which will help guide the delegates to produce a carefully analysed marketing strategy to move their company forward. By the end of the programme, delegates will have acquired the thought processes, frameworks and analysis tools, needed to be constantly optimising their strategy to meet the demanding conditions of the marketplace.



Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the vital elements which constitute an effective and powerful marketing strategy
  • Determine the difference between a ‘marketing strategy’ and ‘marketing tactics’, and how we integrate both, to work effectively together
  • Review the Strategic Marketing Planning Process
  • Review the latest trends in marketing
  • Fully understand your market (i.e. your customers’ wants and needs)
  • Understand different approaches to marketing success
  • Build, and track, the key success measures that represent growth in the marketplace
  • Understand current trends (media fragmentation, audience shifts, reliance on the web) that are transforming traditional media
  • Research, plan and buy media for multichannel marketing
  • Integrate creative strategy across marketing channels
  • Attack major issues with multichannel measurement
  • Develop promotional techniques suitable for particular products



Introduction To Strategic Marketing

  • Strategic Vs Tactical Marketing Plans
  • The Objective – Strategy Model
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Customer Value Proposition
  • Marketing Vs Sales Perspectives
  • How online & traditional offline media is converging
  • The Marketing Mix Framework

Planning and strategy

  • Selecting the right channels, tactics and metrics for your campaign
  • Key considerations to take into account when briefing and developing creative marketing for
  • Scheduling & Resource Requirements


  • Understanding the importance of integrated marketing communications
  • The tools used by planners when developing integrated multichannel marketing
  • Considerations for direct response versus brand objectives
  • Integrating creative, the importance of relevance and good call to action
  • Media buying options, rates and the art of negotiation

Understanding Customer Needs

  • The Consumer’s Buying Decision Process
  • Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs
  • Cultural Influences On Consumer Buying Behaviour
  • The Decision Making Unit
  • Consumer Analysis

The Power Of Brand Building

  • Brand Building
  • Managing The Brand
  • ‘Winning’ The Brand
  • The Brand DNA

New Age Marketing

  • Fundamental Marketing
  • Internet Marketing
  • E-commerce

The Marketing Audit

  • Industry Analysis
  • Sales & Competitive Analysis

Delivery, measurement and analysis

  • How to evaluate multichannel marketing and what are the key complexities with on- to offline / offline to online customer journeys
  • Measuring campaign effectiveness


  • Management (for Team Managers)
  • Planning Your Business
  • How to Sell, Sell, Sell
  • Online Auctions
  • Payment
  • The Technical Side of E-Commerce
  • Creating a Customer Base
  • Logistics 



This course is ideal for both traditional and digital marketers who have been charged with the responsibility for planning, executing and measuring integrated marketing marketing, both online and offline.





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