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Turbo Machinery Monitoring And Problem Analysis

March 3, 2015

Turbo Machinery Monitoring And Problem Analysis

Jadwal Pelatihan Turbo Machinery Monitoring And Problem Analysis

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Instructor by : I Nengah Diasta



This five-day course is an intensive, intermediate level program for experienced mechanical equipment engineers to develop and expand their capabilities in monitoring and problem analysis of turbomachinery. This course focuses on defining the systems and subsystems that form the turbomachinery, the potential problems with these systems and subsystems, monitoring techniques for early detection of problems, and methods to analyze the monitored variables to detect potential problems or reconstruct reasons for failures. Case studies are used throughout the course.



  • How to evaluate turbine performance during startup and operation
  • How to identify turbomachinery system components
  • How to define and use appropriate monitoring techniques and tools
  • How to utilize effective operation and shutdown procedures
  • How to analyze common turbomachinery problems, such as vibration, temp/pressure operation and surge
  • How to solve instrumentation and control problems
  • Understand the inter-relationships of drivers, couplings, gearboxes, and driven equipment
  • Installation techniques, equipment failures and different maintenance practices
  • Economic considerations



  1. Gas turbine machinery – general description
  2. Operating principles of gas turbines
  3. Key performance variables and means to monitor
  4. Major components of axial flow compressors: rotors, blades, shafts, combustion chambers, nozzles, etc
  5. Auxiliary systems: lube oil, seal oil, fuel, start-up, etc
  6. Evaluation of turbine performance parameters during start-up and normal operation
  7. Troubleshooting control systems for gas turbines: start-up, speed and temperature controls, vibration
  8. Principles of operation and general components of compressors: rotors, seals, diaphragms, etc
  9. Operating characteristics curves
  10. Surging phenomenon
  11. Choking phenomenon
  12. Compressor instrumentation: various control loops; anti-surge control loops
  13. Compressor safety interlock and trip systems
  14. Gas turbine and compressor systems start-up procedures
  15. Normal operation – monitoring of parameters
  16. Shutdown procedures
  17. Logging of monitoring checks
  18. Vibration monitoring
  19. Troubleshooting



Karyawan/staff hingga level Manager dari latar belakang Safety & Health Environment/Lingkungan Perusahaan, Process Engineer, Chemical Dept.,  Operator pengolahan limbah, dan semua bagian yang terlibat dalam pengolahan limbah dan pemerhati ataupun praktisi yang peduli terhadap lingkungan.





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2 X Coffee Break


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TRAINING FEE for Turbo Machinery Monitoring And Problem Analysis

Rp8.0000.000,- / participant / Non Residential

Minimal 3 peserta

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