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Export-Import and Letter of Credit

December 4, 2018

Export-Import and Letter of Credit

Jadwal Pelatihan Export-Import and Letter of Credit

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Export-import activities are very common one in every country all over the world nowadays. The traders should know what they must do when they deal with foreign traders where ever the sales contract take place. The traders are not only requested to be well known with the goods they are buying or selling, but also need to be well known about the way how the goods are moving from the place of origin to destination as well as the documents involved.

Document involved in an export-import process, can be Letter Credit (L/C), Bill of Lading (B/L), contract of carriage are quite important to familiar with. More over, to choose the mode of transportation especially ship which is used to carry the goods is likely easy, in fact the trader need to be familiar with Incoterm regulating such import & export activities. Beside, Customs process could be considered as the barrier of International trade but this is something trader must deal with.



After attending this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Understand the process of Export-Import
  • Familiar with Incoterm when dealing with contract of carriage of their goods and shipment
  • Understand the export-import procedure & L/C
  • Increase the knowledge of how to fill the forms that are used to export-import process



1. Overview of Export-Import Activities

  • Export-Import Activities: The Important thing of Export-Import World Wide
  • The International Trade Organization

2. Sales Contract

  • Negotiation
  • Sales Contract Sequence
  • The Contents of Sales Contract
  • Sales Contract Terminology and Its Legal Aspect

3. Export-Import Procedures and Documents

  • Export Procedures and Term of Payment
  • Export Documents: Types of Export Documents
  • Import Procedures: Import Policy, Import Calculation
  • Import Document: Import Arrangement, Importer identity

4. Letter of Credit (L/C): Types, Time Limit and Valuate, Opening, Conditions

  • Term And Definition of L/C
  • Import Procedure of L/C

5. Customs

  • Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System/HS
  • Customs Policy of Import
  • Customs Policy of Export

6. Incoterms: General Guidance that used in Incoterms, Terminology of Incoterms

  • Background and Objectives of Incoterms
  • Types of Incoterms

7. Contact of Carriage: Shipping Business, Cargo Document, Ship Charter Party

  • Container
  • Contract of Carriage Goods by Sea
  • Contract of Carriage Goods by Air

8. Import Insurance Clauses According Lloyd of London

  • Risk Covered
  • General Average Clause
  • Both Blame Collision Clause



  • Manager, Officer who are responsible for Export-Import Process
  • Manager, Officer who are in charge of carriage of goods from the point of origin to point of destination
  • Manager, Officer who always deal with customs process
  • Everyone who want to know this topics





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