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Integrated Sequence Stratigraphy

February 16, 2015

Integrated Sequence Stratigraphy

Jadwal Pelatihan Integrated Sequence Stratigraphy

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This course will follow a workshop format. The workshop will emphasise the underlying geological principles, processes and terminology related to the interpretation and use of seismic sequence stratigraphy and its integration with well log sequence stratigraphy and biostratigraphy. It will also provide attendees with the opportunity to interpret the sequence stratigraphy of part of a selected sedimentary basin.


  • Understand sequence stratigraphic concepts and controls
  • Identify systems tracts and stratigraphic sequences from depositional facies, well logs and seismic facies.
  • Construct a sequence stratigraphic model by integrating lithological, biostratigraphical, seismic and well data.


  • Introduction – Introduction to seismic sequence stratigraphy; concepts; eustatic controls; assumptions; definition of key terms.
  • Eustatic controls on depositional stratal patterns – Accommodation and equilibrium types; systems tract boundaries.
  • Seismic expression of sequence – Criteria and approach for picking sequence boundaries.
  • Interpretation of seismic reflections in depositional sequences – Definition of seismic sequence; seismic facies.
  • Sequence and systems tracts – Highstand; falling stage; lowstand; transgressive; shelf margin systems tracts.
  • Sequence expression in well logs – Log characters of parasequences, maximum flooding surfaces and criteria for picking sequence boundaries.
  • Interpretation of systems tracts from well log character – Integration of well log sequence stratigraphy with seismic sequence stratigraphy
  • Clastic and carbonate depositional environments – Depositional responses to changes in relative sea level
  • Variation on the model: Application and exploration significance – use of global sea level curve





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