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Construction Management

February 25, 2015

Construction Management

Jadwal Pelatihan Construction Management

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This course focuses on the processes and tasks required for management of construction projects. Participants will work in project teams and perform various tasks associated with construction project administration including, developing construction budgets, record keeping and documentation, interpreting contracts and specifications, and other duties necessary for efficient project operation and successful completion.



  • Develop a job philosophy for construction operations.
  • Explain the design and construction process and the roles of the different participants.
  • Describe the lines of authority on a construction project.
  • Describe how specifications are used in project administration.
  • Setup a system of project documentation.
  • Understand the use of computers for project documentation.
  • Organize a job site layout.
  • Plan and document a construction meeting.
  • Understand how to properly utilize labor at the jobsite.
  • Explain the general responsibilities for construction safety.
  • Explain properly use and issuance subcontracts and purchase orders.
  • Demonstrate the techniques of negotiation.
  • Explain the concept of risk allocation and liability sharing.
  • Explain the concepts of quality assurance and quality control.
  • Explain the use and importance of construction schedules.
  • Understand the applications and advantages of computerization
  • Identify changes in the work and explain the process for contract modification.
  • Explain the process of preparing a progress payment.
  • Explain the project close-out process.



The course is designed  for anyone who has assignment to investigate accidents/incidents. Such as Safety Professionals, prospective members of investigation Team or Managers  responsible for investigations.





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Rp8.000.000,- / participant / Non Residential

(Minimal 3 peserta training pasti jalan)

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