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Drilling Essential For Non Drilling Engineering

November 3, 2015

Drilling Essential For Non Drilling Engineering

Jadwal Pelatihan Drilling Essential For Non Drilling Engineering

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Instructor by : Widrajat Abdekasan 



This course is designed to give new engineers and non-drilling professionals more knowledge of rig components, terminology and operational requirements.

By attending this course, when dealing with drillers or rig operations, you will have a better idea as to what the drilling team is communicating and what is going on at the rig.

For organisations who deal with the rig requirements, it is a great introduction to the rig world.

On completion of this course, you will have had a taste of rig operations and understand the terminology used. Therefore interdepartmental communication will be easier, more beneficial and efficient.



  • Familiarize yourself with the essentials of drilling operations, including terminology, rig components and operational requirements
  • Enhance project effectiveness through understanding of the rig environment
  • Enhance the efficiency of communication within your organisation



1. Introductions and Networking

2. Overview of the Programme

3. Onshore and Offshore Oil Well Drilling Rigs

  • Onshore rigs
    • Conventional rigs
    • Mobile rigs
  • Offshore rigs
    • Bottom supported rigs (jack up rigs, platform rigs, barge)
    • Floating (semisubmersible, drill ship)

4. Rig Systems

  • General
    • Power generation system
    • Hoisting system
    • Mud circulation system
    • Rig derrick
    • Rotary drilling
    • Rig floor equipment (torque and spinning tools)
    • Well control system
  • Onshore rigs
    • Power generation system
    • Hoisting system
    • Mud circulation system
    • Rotary system
    • Driller counsel
    • Rig derrick
    • Rig floor
    • Substructure
    • Cellar
    • Camp
  • Offshore rigs
    • Power generation system
    • Hoisting system
    • Mud circulation system
    • Rotary system
    • Driller counsel
    • Rig derrick
    • Rig floor
    • Mast movement
    • Main deck
    • Accommodation

5. Vertical Drilling

  • Vertical well Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA)
  • Weight On Bit (WOB)
  • Well deviation control
  • Drilling problems

6. Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) Components

  • Drill collars
  • BHA tools
  • Drill bits
    • PDC bits
    • Tri cone bits
    • Diamond bits
    • Coring bits

7. Mud Circulation

  • Mud pumping system
  • Mud properties
  • Mud composition
  • Mud return system

8. Running in Hole Sequence

9. Tripping Out of Hole

10. Drilling Team and Functions

11. Rotary Drilling System

12. Top Drive Drilling System

13. Well Casing

  • Telescopic well
  • Well cementing
  • Perforation

14. Directional Drilling

  • Kick off
  • Angle build, hold and drop
  • Directional BHA
  • WOB in a directional well
  • Cuttings bed problem
  • Cuttings transport variables
  • Well trajectory
    • Short radius
    • Long radius
    • Horizontal wells
    • Drilling measurements
  • Drilling variables
  • Drilling variables measurements
    • MWD
    • LWD

15 . Well Deviation Control Tools



This course has been specifically designed for drillers and drilling engineers, drilling managers, superintendents and supervisors, mechanical engineers who design down hole tools, drilling crew, general oil field design engineers, down hole tools design engineers, rig services engineers and support engineers





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