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Global Supply Chain

August 21, 2014

Global Supply Chain

Jadwal Pelatihan Global Supply Chain

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Instructor : Oktri Firdaus


OUTLINE MATERI Training Global Supply Chain

1. Introduction to Supply Chain Management

  • The supply chain: an introduction

–       Definition of a supply chain

–       Supply chain or logistics – what’s the difference?

  • The role of the supply chain

–       What are the functions of the supply chain – and what aren’t?

  • Components of a supply chain

–       Finance and commercial

–       Legal and cultural

–       Physical and logistical

–       Technology and communications

  • The benefits of a supply chain management approach

–        Co-ordinated vs. fragmented approaches

  • Lead time
  • Customer service

–       Service measures

–       Quality measures

  • Integrating supply chains

–       Who owns the supply chain?

–       Supply chain perspectives of manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers

  • Globalisation and the emergence of global supply chains

–       Cost effective sourcing and production

–       Extending the supply chain

  • Features of global trade
  • Recognising global trends

2. Global Sourcing and Global Supply Chain Design

  • Global sourcing objectives

–       Identifying business needs

–       Sourcing opportunities

  • Evolution of global sourcing

–       Global availability

–       Alternative manufacturing and production

  • Supply markets
  • Developing global sourcing

–       Growth of trade channels and facilities

–       Supporting technologies

–       Commercial enablement

  • International contract law
  • Elements of a global supply chain

–    Cost-effective logistics

–    International communications capability

–    Quality management from a distance

  • Global supply chain design
  • Finance considerations

 3. Understanding Cultural Issues and Collaboration in the Supply Chain

  • Definitions and cultural awareness
  • The cultural matrix
  • Developing cultural sensitivity
  • Opportunities for collaboration
  • Communication in global supply chains
  • Outsourcing supply chain activity
  • Service providers and enablers

4. Managing Global Supply Chain Risk

  • Views on risk
  • Global instability and risk
  • Visibility
  • Resilience
  • Agile supply chains
  • Procurement risk
  • Risk management

5. Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

  • Defining Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability
  • CSR and values
  • CSR and the supply chain
  • Reverse logistics and recycling
  • Green supply chains
  • Planning for CSR
  • External standards and codes
  • Global supply chain trends and impact on CSR

6. Managing Performance Improvements in Global Supply Chains

  • Performance improvement
  • Understanding costs
  • Understanding productivity
  • Model for supply chain improvements 





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