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Job Safety Analysis

September 3, 2015

Job Safety Analysis

Jadwal Pelatihan Job Safety Analysis

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Employers are responsible for ensuring the health and safety of their employees. This includes informing employees of workplace hazards, providing the equipment necessary to safeguard health and safety, and establishing proper health and safety procedures and practices. Therefore, they have an obligation to assess health and safety risks and to develop safety procedures that will eliminate or mitigate these risks before an employee is required to carry out work. This course outlines job safety analysis (JSA) as a method of identifying potential hazards and developing safe work practices to prevent injuries, illnesses, property damages and other losses.



The specific objectives of this Job Safety Analysys Training (JSA) were to help you to :

  • Understand the concept of job safety analysis and;
  • Understand the methods of identifying potential hazards and applicable preventive measures.



  1. What is a Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
  2. Basic Definition
  3. What is Risk ?
  4. Incidents and Accidents
  5. Reduce Likelihood of Incident and Accident
  6. ALARP
  7. Introduction to HSE Risk Management
  8. Risk Assesment ( Three Levels off Tools )
  9. Co – Ordinating Risk Assesment Roles
  10. Responsibilities ( General )
  11. Excersises
  12. How to Perform a Job Safety Analysis
  13. How and When to Use Job Safety Analysis
  14. Follow Up and Review of a job Safety Analysis



Job Safety Analysys (JSA) Training are aimed at the workers, managers and supervisors, members of health and safety committees, and health and safety representatives. Health and safety professionals will find this publication a practical tool for workplace training sessions on health and safety programs and policies.





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Rp7.000.000,- / Participant / Non Residential

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