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LV Switchgear Maintenance, Testing And Troubleshooting

May 8, 2014

LV Switchgear Maintenance, Testing And Troubleshooting

Jadwal Pelatihan LV Switchgear Maintenance, Testing And Troubleshooting

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The duty of the switchgears is to switch on and off and to control, once or repeatedly several times,different electrical circuits during normal as well as abnormal operating conditions. Short circuit current leveland the behavior of the circuit during transient condition are very essential to select proper specification ofswitchgears. Good practices and knowledge of circuit breakers and switchgears specification, operation,testing and maintenance are fatal for those engineers and technicians concerning with electrical powersystem and industrial application. This course designed to provide the participants with technicalknowledge, practical experience and good skills in selecting the proper ratings, maintenance instructionand control procedures of LV & HV switchgears.



By the end of this course the participants will gain the following :

  • Know how to calculate the short circuit level.
  • The transient phenomena in power systems.
  • Understand the arc phenomena and circuit interruption.
  • Know the different types of circuit breakers and industrial switchgears.
  • Be able to select the proper specifications of CB and switchgears.
  • Know the maintenance procedures.
  • Be able to do all tests on circuit breakers.
  • Be able to detect circuit breakers troubleshooting.
  • Know the methods of system earthing and protection requirements.
  • Be able to control circuit breakers with associated relaying systems.



  • General Introduction
  • Industrial Switchgears
  • CB Design Specification Based on Short Circuit Current Level
  • CB Design Specification Based on Arc Phenomena and Circuit Interruption
  • LV Circuit Breakers
  • Modern MV and HV Vacuum CB
  • Modern MV and HV SF6 CB Introduction
  • Other Type of Circuit Breakers
  • Circuit Breaker Inspection, Maintenance and Services
  • Circuit Breakers Control, Protection and Testing
  • CB Troubleshooting



The course is designed to electrical engineers and highly qualified technicians whom concerning with circuitbreakers and switchgears in electrical utilities, electrical distribution, transmission and industrial application.





Case Study




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Lunch + 2 X Coffee Break


Pick Up Participants (Yogyakarta)


TRAINING FEE for LV Switchgear Maintenance, Testing And Troubleshooting

Rp8.500.000,- / participant / Non Residential

Min. 3 Participant


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