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Major Hazard Process and Analysis

October 8, 2015

Major Hazard Process and Analysis

Jadwal Pelatihan Major Hazard Process and Analysis

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Instructor by : Bambang Murtjahjanto 



These courses apply to a process or proposed facility wherespecified hazardous substances are present or likely to be presentin a quantity that is equal to or exceeds the lower thresholdquantity.In calculating the lower threshold quantity, the maximum capacityof the facility must be taken into account, including,

  • The maximum capacity of process vessels and interconnectingpipe systems that contain the hazardous substances:
  • The maximum capacity of all storage tanks and otherstorage areas at the facility that could contain hazardoussubstances:
  • The maximum capacity of the pipe work outside processareas to contain hazardous substances:
  • The maximum quantity of hazardous substances thatcould, in the event of failure, escape into the facilityfrom the pipe work that is connected to, terminates at,or crosses the facility:
  • The maximum quantity of hazardous substances that areloaded into or onto, or unloaded from, vehicles, trailers,rolling stock, and ships (excluding any hazardoussubstances on board ships) that are from time to timepresent at the facility in the course of the facility’s operations.


MATERI Training Major Hazard Process and Analysis 

1. Notification and Designation of Major Hazard Process

  • Operators of process must notify WorkSafe
  • Operators of proposed process must notify WorkSafe
  • Content of notification
  • WorkSafe must assess notification, decide, and notify operator of decision
  • WorkSafe may conduct review of facility
  • Notification to WorkSafe following change in operator
  • Suitability of operator

2. Designation of Major Hazards Process

  • Mandatory designation as major hazard facility
  • Discretionary designation of lower tier major hazardfacility as upper tier major hazard facility
  • Exemption of certain facilities or proposed facilities fromdesignation as major hazard facilities
  • WorkSafe must be satisfied of certain matters beforegranting exemption
  • Designations by WorkSafe are disallowable instruments
  • Notice and effect of designations and decisions
  • Conditions on designations of major hazard facilities

3. Hazardous Substances Thresholds

  • Relevant hazardous substances
  • Threshold quantity of  hazardous substance
  • Exclusions in calculating quantity of hazardous substances

4. Requirements for Safety Assessment

5. Requirement for Safety Management System

6. Requirements for Emergency Plans

7. Dangerous Occurrences

8. Design notices and safety cases

  • Operator must give design notice
  • Requirement to review documents instead of givingdesign notice
  • Obligations of Work Safe on receipt of design notice

9. Requirements of Safety Case

10. Consideration of Decisions on Safety Cases

11. Case Study for Client’s Major Hazard Process





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Rp.8.000.000,- / participant / NON residential

(Quota minimal 4 orang, training siap running)

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