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Modern Maintenance Management

February 16, 2015

Modern Maintenance Management

Jadwal Pelatihan Modern Maintenance Management

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Instructor by : Oktri M Firdaus



As the requirements for improved productivity and cost effectiveness increase, combined with an increased attention to safety and environmental issues, maintenance activities play an important role. Modern maintenance management techniques will give a significant contribution to a company’s productivity by applying reliability based techniques and cost-benefit analysis for maintenance optimization.

Several companies have experienced the positive effect of improving maintenance management, achieving a better foundation for making the right decisions, and thereby reducing the amount of unplanned maintenance tasks and subsequently unplanned shutdowns.


MATERI Training Modern Maintenance Management

1. Type of Maintenance Method

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Proactive maintenance

2. Type of Maintenance Management

  • Basic Maintenance Management
  • Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM)
  • Risk Based Maintenance (RBM)
  • Total Productive Maintenance (RCM)

3. Basic Maintenance Management

  • Organizing maintenance activities
  • Effective maintenance planner
  • Maintenance scheduling and critical path
  • Maintenance budgeting
  • Maintenance job order
  • Asset and spare part management

4. Maintenance Based on RCM

  • RCM Decision Diagram
  • Planning, organizing, and controlling the proposed task
  • Implementing RCM

5. Maintenance Based on TPM

  • Organizing, implementing and socializing TPM
  • Product and equipment management
  • Quality management system
  • Administration system
  • Evaluating and improving TPM result

6. Modern Maintenance Management in Perspective

  • Maintenance in the business process
  • Evolution in maintenance management
  • The business objectives and maintenance objectives
  • Business, operations and maintenance key performance area
  • CMMS requirement

6. Asset and Sparepart Management

  • Equipment identification and type classification
  • Part number and bill of material
  • Documentation structures, identification, and classification
  • Logistic planning
  • Logistic support analysis
  • Critical path analysis



  • Managers and Senior Engineers from production and maintenance
  • Everyone who has interest in maintenance strategy for plant equipment.




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TRAINING FEE for Modern Maintenance Management

Rp9.000.000,- / peserta / Non Residential

Min 3 peserta running


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