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Project Risk Management

August 26, 2015

Project Risk Management

Jadwal Pelatihan Project Risk Management

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Instructor by : Oktri M. Firdaus


OUTLINE MATERI Training Project Risk Management

1. Risk Basics

o. The Definition of a Risk

o. Risks versus Uncertainties, Facts, and Concerns

o. Exercise: Identifying Risks

o. Risks and the Project Life Cycle

o. Risk Management Goal

o. Risk Management Processes

2. Plan Risk Management

o. Understanding Risk Tolerance

o. Exercise: Stakeholder Risk Tolerance

o. Roles and Responsibilities

o. Known and Unknowns

o. Identifying Reserves

o. Inside the Risk Management Plan

o. Workshop: Preliminary Risk Management Plan

o. Workshop: Known and Unknowns

3. Identify Risks

o. Involving Stakeholders

o. Challenges

o. Approaches to Categorizing Risk

o. Developing Questions

o. The Risk Register

o. Workshop: Risk Categories and Risk Identification Questions

o. Workshop: Creating the Initial Risk Register

4. Analyzing Risks  

o. Probability and Impact

o. Types of Scales

o. Risk Score

o. Probability and Impact Matrix

o. Expected Monetary Value (EVM)

o. Recommending Contingency

o. Workshop: Calculating Risk Scores and Ranking Risks

o. Additional Risk Details

o. Triggers

o. Priority of Project Constraints

o. Root Cause

o. Owners

o. Workshop: Detailed Risk Analysis

5. Plan Risk Responses

o. Responding to Threats

  • Avoid
  • Transfer
  • Mitigate

o. Responding to Opportunities

  • Exploit
  • Share
  • Enhance

o. Accepting Risks

o. Contingent Response Strategies

o. Risk Management and Project Baselines

o. Expected Monetary Value and Decision Trees

o. Workshop: Calculating EMV and Constructing a Decision Tree

o. Workshop: Risk Response Strategies

6. Monitor and Control Risks

o. Revisiting the Risk Register

o. Secondary Risks

o. Exercise: Identify Secondary Risks

o. Residual Risks

o. Exercise: Identify Residual Risks

o. Risks and Issues

o. Workshop: Monitoring and Controlling Project Risk





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