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Separation Equipment Selection And Sizing

March 18, 2015

Separation Equipment Selection And Sizing

Jadwal Pelatihan Separation Equipment Selection And Sizing

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Instructor by: Bambang Murcahyanto



This course covers separation system and production separator description and sizing, we provide the detailed information on selection of stage separation and equipment, selection of the most appropriate equipment for the task, data analysis and the subsequent design of the processes involved for particular separations. The result is a comprehensive theory which is designed to be used frequently and referred to regularly in order to achieve better industrial separations. You will learn the phase types of separation equipment are used based on operating conditions and separation performance requirements. Successful industrial scale separation of solids from liquid level indicator and control requires not only a thorough understanding of the principles involved, but also an appreciation of which equipment to use for best effect.


Process/Facilities engineers needing skills for design and troubleshooting of separators.



The benefit to join this course:

  1. Understand Different types of separation equipment utilized in the oil and gas industry
  2. How Oil and Gas Production System and the Surface Facilities
  3. Separation performance capabilities of the different types of equipment
  4. How to size the different types of separation equipment
  5. How to troubleshoot separation equipment
  6. How to calculate the wall thickness and estimate the weight of separators
  7. Understand Instrumentation and controls used on separation equipment
  8. Understand Separation Equipment Selection Considerations.
  9. Understand Mechanical Considerations of Pressure Vessel Equipment.
  10. Understand Material Selection and the Steel Grades.


  1. Oil and Gas Production System and the Surface Facilities.
  2. Wellheads, Flowlines, Header-Manifolds and Gathering.
  3. HP/MP/LP Fluid Separation System and Production Separator.
  4. Crude Dehydration & Emulsion Treating.
  5. Selection of Stage Separation and Equipment.
  6. Separation Equipment Selection Considerations.
  7. Determining Separator Operating Pressure
  8. Two-phase Separator Description and Sizing.
  9. Three-phase Separator Description and Sizing.
  10. Mist Extractor, Scrubber and Slug Catchers Selection and Sizing.
  11. Horizontal Bulk Treater Selection and Sizing.
  12. Gunbarrel (Wash Tank) with Internal Gas Boot.
  13. Theory in the Separator Gravity Settling Section.
  14. Internals of the Equipment.
  15. Approximation of Diameter and Seam-to-Seam Length.
  16. Vertical Separation Equipment Sizing.
  17. Example of Sizing Calculation.
  18. Mechanical Considerations of Pressure Vessel Equipment.
  19. Design Pressure and the MAWP.
  20. Determining Wall Thicknesss of the Vessel.
  21. Material Selection and the Steel Grades.
  22. Vessel Inspection Procedure.
  23. Estimating Vessel Weights and Support Requirements.
  24. Pressure Relief Devices and Corrosion Protection.
  25. Separation Equipment Control System and Instrumentation.
  26. Pressure and Temperature Control.
  27. Liquid Level Indicator and Control.
  28. Start-up and Operational Variables Control.
  29. Hazards and Safety Measures.





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Rp8.000.000, – / peserta / Non Residential

Minimal 3 peserta

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