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Advanced Financial Statements Analysis

February 7, 2014

Advanced Financial Statements Analysis

Jadwal Pelatihan Advanced Financial Statements Analysis

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Instructor by: Januar Eko



  • Analyze financial performance
  • Assess the quality of reported earnings
  • Identify balance sheet strengths and weaknesses
  • Perform cash flow analysis
  • Conduct credit and equity analysis
  • Utilize financial forecasting methods
  • Forecast external funding needs
  • Conduct sustainable growth analysis
  • Perform economic value analysis
  • Conduct financial analysis of companies in specialized industries


MATERI Training Advanced Financial Statements Analysis

1. The Importance Of Economics In Financial Analysis And Evaluation

2. Credit Risk

3. Customer Service Standards

4. The Nature Of Financial Statements

5. Managing Operating Funds

6. Tools Of Financial Analysis And Control

7. Projections Of Financial Requirements

8. The Cost Of Capital And Business Decisions

9. Credit Risk Issues

10. Valuation And Business Performance

  •  Case Study – including a full and detailed review of a company’s balance sheet, income statements as well as cash flow statement

11. Quantification Of Credit Risk

12. Coping With Credit Risk

13. Credit Risk Issues

14. Country Risk Assessment And Sovereign Debt Rescheduling



Financial Analysts; Credit Analysts; Equity Analysts; Financial Accountants; Financial Risk Managers; Portfolio Managers; Government Regulators; Financial Systems Analysis; External/Internal Auditors; Non-financial Executives/Board Members.





Case Study




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Lunch + 2 X Coffee Break


Pick Up Participants (Yogyakarta)


TRAINING FEE for Advanced Financial Statements Analysis

Rp6.500.000, – /Peserta /Non Residential

Minimal 3 peserta

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