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Alignment And Balancing In Rotating Equipment

May 7, 2015

Alignment And Balancing In Rotating Equipment

Jadwal Pelatihan Alignment And Balancing In Rotating Equipment

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Misalignment and Unbalance are two major causes of Vibration in Rotating Equipment, Vibration that means increased maintenance and reduced machine life. With proper alignment and balancing programs, reductions in maintenance and operating costs can easily reach into six figures per year. When shafts are misaligned, forces are generated that can produce stresses on the rotating and stationary components. Even when couplings do not fail from the stresses produced by gross misalignment, bearings and seals will most certainly fail under these conditions. In extreme cases of misalignment, even the shafts may fracture and break. Out of balance machine components are a principal cause of machinery vibration.

The condition often is caused by less than perfect manufacturing, and it is routine for rotating equipment, reciprocating machines and vehicles. Mass balancing may be necessary if an operation or product requires quiet operation, high speeds, long bearing life, operator comfort, controls free of malfunctioning or a quality feel. There are three types of balancing machines: Static Balancing stands, Hard Bearing Machines, and Soft Bearing Machines. Static Balancing stands do not require spinning up and can correct for static or single plane unbalance only. They feature low cost and safe operation.



  • Participant can develop, implement, and supervise the alignment process
  • Economize the time, money and company’s resources by implementing appropriate alignment and balancing
  • Prevent the company’s equipment and tools from damage and make the machine’s living period longer
  • Decrease the down time
  • Increase the profit


  1. Mechanical Equipment Overview
  2. Rim and Face Alignment
  3. Reverse Dial Indicator Alignment
  4. Determine Balance Weight
  5. Combine Balance Weights
  6. Single Plane Balancing
  7. Dual Plane Balancing
  8. Laser Alignment & Balancing


Plant and Pipeline Operators, Supervisors, Engineers and Manager.





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Rp7.000.000,-/Peserta/Non Recidential

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