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Ball Mill Operations And Maintenance

October 21, 2014

Ball Mill Operations And Maintenance

Jadwal Pelatihan Ball Mill Operations And Maintenance

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Instructor by : Teguh Pudji



Having skilled team plays a key role in the optimal utilization of the grinding installation in the cement plant. The operators and process engineers must be able to evaluate all the process variables in order to optimize the production economy. This course provides an in depth understanding of grinding theory and maintenance of the equipment and gives you the tools to audit your own installation.


The course is designed for participants with previous experience in mill operation such as process engineers, mill operators and technicians.



  1. Cement ball mill types. (Design, operating principles and fundamentals)
  2. Mill ventilation and gas handling in milling systems
  3. Ball mills, internal installations and grinding media charges
  4. Calculation of power consumption for ball mills and grinding media charges
  5. Automatic process control for cement mill systems
  6. Separators, types and their mode of operation
  7. Calculations for separator control the influence of separator efficiency on power consumption and particle size distribution
  8. Maintenance of grinding media charges in relation to wear
  9. Cooling and grinding aids
  10. General measurements and calculations for determination of gas and airflows
  11. Optimization of mill grinding system
  12. Sampling and sample preparation for clinker and cement
  13. Maintenance of the ball mil systems
  14. Alignment of the mill
  15. Main and auxiliary drives
  16. Shell and head liner measurement
  17. Lubrication and jacking systems
  18. Measurement and types of journal bearings.





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Rp9.000.000, – / peserta / Non Residential

Minimal 2 peserta



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