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Basic Cementing

August 12, 2014

Basic Cementing

Jadwal Pelatihan Basic Cementing

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Cementing is the process of mixing a slurry of cement and water and pumping it down through casing to critical points in the annulus around the casing or in the open hole below the casing string. The two principal functions of the cementing process are to restrict fluid movement between the formations and to bond and support the casing. Cementing operations can be divided into two broad categories: primary cementing and remedial cementing. The objective of primary cementing is to provide zonal isolation.

Basic Cementing training presents the basic concepts of primary cementing and illustrates the adverse affects upon well performance of a poor quality primary cement job.  Remediation using squeeze cementing techniques are discussed.  The physical and chemical properties of cement slurries are reviewed.  Cement evaluation techniques are discussed and finally a class project is performed in which the participants actually design a cement job and perform a cement evaluation.



A basic understanding of drilling and completion.



The basic cementing training is designed for personnel who are active in drilling and well integrity, but novices will also find great benefit.



Primary Cementing Overview

  • Cementing Terminology and Concepts
  • The Objectives of Primary Cementing
  • The Basics of Cementing Design
  • Problems of Zonal Isolation

Cement Chemistry

Cementing Materials and Additives

Implication of Well Integrity on Well Performance

  • Implications of Cement Quality on Well Performance
  • Sources of Water Influx
  • Solutions and Technologies

Squeeze Cementing

  • Overview of Squeeze Cementing – SqueezeCRETETM
  • Methodology, Equipment and Tools
  • Example Calculation

Performance Characteristics of Cement Slurries

New Technologies in Cementing

Introduction to Cement Evaluation

Plug Cementing





Case Study




Training Kit



Lunch + 2 X Coffee Break


Pick Up Participants (Yogyakarta)


TRAINING FEE for Basic Cementing

Rp6.500.000,- peserta / Non Residential

Minimal 3 peserta


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