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Fire Detection Design

July 3, 2015

Fire Detection Design

Jadwal Pelatihan Fire Detection Design

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Instruktur by : Fred Kalalo



In order to work within the field of fire detection design it helps to understand the standards and principles behind the equipment. From service technicians through the sales team to system designers, an understanding of the basic principles of BS5839 Pt 1 will help your staff to speak with authority on all issues arising in this technical field of the industry.

Whether dealing with clients questions or when providing details of the equipment that your business uses this course will prove to be invaluable. It also serves as the foundation from which to develop a more specialised understanding of an area of the fire industry that includes numerous standards and codes of practice. To present the professional image you need professional people, understanding the British Standard alongside the equipment you supply, fit and maintain. The course helps in developing the necessary professional knowledge and understanding.



  1. The legislation
  2. Guides and codes of practice relevant to fire detection and alarms
  3. The categories of systems for a building (i.e. L1 to L5 : P1 to P2)
  4. Detector types and choices
  5. Manual call point zones
  6. Detector and alarm zone sizes and constraints
  7. Technology and system components
  8. Detector coverage, taking into account obstructions
  9. Sounder requirements
  10. False alarm management and good maintenance
  11. New cable requirements
  12. Design certificate



The course will benefit anyone that requires an understanding of the basic principles of BS5839 Pt 1, particularly those aiming to complete other units in our suite of Fire Detection and Alarm courses as this course forms the pre-requisite foundation.





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