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HSE Awareness And Implementation

October 9, 2013

HSE Awareness And Implementation

Jadwal Pelatihan HSE Awareness And Implementation

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Good safety management reduces risks of accidents and improves performance. In order to achieve improved safety performance it is important that all those involved understand what is required of them, whatever part they have to play in the organization. This course is designed to give participants the underpinning knowledge required to work more safely, reduce risks to themselves and others who may be affected by what they do.



  • Know how to work safely and without risks to health
  • Know about health and safety policy and how to implement
  • Aware of their health and safety responsibilities towards themselves, colleagues, customers, stakeholders and environment
  • Motivate the personnel to ensure constant awareness of the HSE objectives
  • Properly engineer the facilities and execute the project activities.



By the end of this course delegates will:

  • Have a clear understanding of their responsibilities in helping to ensure their workplace is a safe working environment for themselves
  • Be able to identify common hazards and know how to control the risks these hazards represent
  • Be able to respond appropriately when an incident occurs.


MATERI Training HSE Awareness And Implementation

  • Legal requirements
  • Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations
  • Hazard identification (electricity, work equipment, etc)
  • Risk identification (manual handling, work equipment, etc)
  • Control measures
  • Fire, accidents & other emergencies
  • Occupational Health matters (noise, vibration, stress, etc.)
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)
  • Environmental Regulatory Overview
  • Hazardous Waste Identification and Management
  • Environmental Reporting



  • Facility Managers
  • HSE Personnel, Specialists, and Engineers
  • Anyone responsible for HSE activities at their organization including planning, assessments/audits and permitting





Case Study




Training Kit



Lunch + 2 X Coffee Break


Pick Up Participants (Yogyakarta)


TRAINING FEE for HSE Awareness And Implementation

Rp7.500.000,- / Participant / NON Residential

(Quota min. 3 Participants)

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