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Managing Tender, Specifications And Contract

November 8, 2023

Managing Tender, Specifications And Contract

Jadwal Pelatihan Managing Tender, Specifications And Contract

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A major portion of every business organization’s operating cost is spent on outside goods and services. Based on this fact, the management everywhere is determining that managing tenders, specifications, and contracts must emerge as a critical core competency if organizations are to increase revenue. This program is designed to explore many of the best practices in the initial phases of contracting so that participants will be able to implement the steps needed to create maximum total value for their organization.


  • Discuss Elements of Good Procurement Process
  • Learn methods of Tender Management
  • Review Contract Strategies
  • Explore steps in Developing Performance Based Service Contracts
  • Understanding the important commercial Contract Clauses
  • Be presented the Essential Elements Of A Contract


OUTLINE MATERI Training Managing Tender, Specifications And Contract

1. Procurement and Competitive Bidding Process

  • Elements Of A Good Procurement and Competitive Bidding Process
  • Developing Tender Management and Evaluation Criteria
  • Supplier Performance Measurement Methods
  • Value Model Of Total Cost Of Ownership
  • How Do You Know You Got A Good Price?
  • Requesting Cost Breakdowns And Evaluations Of Cost Breakdowns

2. Contracting Strategy and Evaluations

  • Selecting The Right Contracting Strategy
  • Basic Types Of Project Delivery
  • Types Of Statement Of Work
  • Specification Check List
  • Conduct Risk Assessment and Evaluations

3.  Important Elements of the Contract

  • Objectives Of The Contract
  • Basic Contract Types
  • Contract Check Lists
  • Performance-Based Service Contracts
  • Penalty/Liquidated Damages Clause

4.Additional Important Contract Clauses

  • Today’s Challenges Regarding Force Majeure
  • How To Deal With Contract Changes
  • Methods Of Payment
  • Letters Of Intent

5.Preparing The Contract For The Completion

  • How Contracts May End
  • Types Of Bonds and Guarantees
  • Disputes Resolution Provisions
  • Final Contract Review





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