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Piping Technology

August 29, 2014

Piping Technology

Jadwal Pelatihan Piping Technology

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This  course will initiate you to prepare and develop plot plans & equipment layouts so that you can attempt to prepare the piping layouts, their sizing, selection of components, design analysis and finally to understand the need of documents for piping erections, assembly, testing and inspections.



  • Introduction to piping
  • Piping terminologies
  • Introduction to process flow diagram & process and instrumentation diagram
  • P& ID
  • Piping materials (ASME, BS, DIN, etc.)
  • Pipe sizing, thickness calculation as per ASME & IBR.
  • Piping symbols & introduction to valves
  • Valves – types, material and class selection
  • Miter bends, smooth bends, LR, ELLS, SR ELLS & flanges
  • Tees – equal & un equal; Olets and branches
  • Layout of piping
  • Steam traps, expansion bellows, strainers
  • Pressure drop calculations with simple problems
  • Stress analysis – overview
  • Pipe supports
  • Pipe drafting techniques



Presentation, Discussion, Case Study, Practice using MS Excel, Evaluation.



Training Kit



Lunch + 2 X Coffee Break


Pick Up Participants (Yogyakarta)


TRAINING FEE for Piping Technology

Rp9.500.000,- / participant / Non Residential

Minimal 2 peserta

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