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Safety Investigation

October 24, 2019

Safety Investigation

Jadwal Pelatihan Safety Investigation

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Accidents at work are very costly, both in direct compensation and loss of production and in the damage that is done to employee and public relations and morale. Effective investigation and reporting of accidents and near misses gives invaluable information to help businesses improve their health and safety procedures, and rectify the cause to ensure that the problem does not occur again.

This course provides the practical skills required by anyone who is involved in accident or incident investigation at work. It is based on a number of real accidents and includes a practical exercise to allow the participants to practise the investigation skills taught on the course.



This course is designed for anyone who is or may be involved in accident or near miss (incident) reporting and investigation at work, including Facilities Managers and health and safety staff, Occupational Safety and Health Expert, All Members P2K3, All ranks of managers and supervisors of the Company starting from Section Production, Maintenance, Engineering, Analyst, Personnel, Training and Development to Security, All relevant employees and is expected to help conduct its own analysis of crash area respectively

  • To define the reasons for investigating accident and incidents
  • To outline the process for effectively investigating accidents and incidents
  • To facilitate an effective investigation.



1. Introduction

  • Course Objectives
  • Contents and Background

2. Government Safety Regulations of Accident Reporting and Investigation

3. Accidents and Incidents

  • Definitions and Possible Outcomes
  • Costs of Failures

4. Accident Reporting

  • Internal and External Reporting Requirements
  • Including What Needs to be Reported under RIDDOR and how

5. Investigation Pre-Planning, Team Selection and Investigation Tools

6. Accident Causation

  • How Accidents Happen-Immediate and Underlying causes

7. Accident Investigation

  • Purposes of Accident Investigation
  • Deciding which Accidents should be Investigated
  • Investigation Techniques, Including Evidence Gathering (Observation, Examining, Documents and Interviewing) and Report Writing
  • Practical Accident Investigation Exercise, Based on Real Accident Scenario
  • Identification of Actions Required to Prevent Recurrence





Case Study




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Lunch + 2x Coffee Break


Pick Up Participants (Yogyakarta)


TRAINING FEE for Safety Investigation

Rp6.500.000,-/Peserta/Non Recidential

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