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Time Management

December 7, 2013

Time Management

Jadwal Pelatihan Time Management

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Instructor By : Sabihaini



  • Analyzing the work into elements and describing the relative priority of each element.
  • Applying some techniques and principles of time planning to improve short-term scheduling in an operating department.
  • To perform analytical, step by step time management.
  • To prepare plan to conserve time.



1. The office Manager-Role and   Responsibilities

2. Office Organization-The Changing Role of The Office

3. Office Productivity-Planning and Scheduling of Office Operations, Output and Quality Control

4. Office Management-Management of Office Communications, Records, Forms, Equipment, Office Security and Risk Management

5. Office Procedures-Office Efficiency Through Identifications, Establishment and Maintenance of Proper Work System and Procedures

6. Management of personal time

  • The important of time management
  • Where the time goes
  • Useful time
  • Wasted time
  • Personal time management tools
  • Conserving personal time
  • Self management and personal development
  • Characteristics of Effective Person

7.   Department time management

  • Work sampling study
  • Components of total job time
  • Inherent time
  • Set – up time & Lost time
  • Technical time
  • Learning time
  • Methods of time planning straight and paraded planning
  • Priority agenda

8.  Planning to converse time

  • Time to plan
  • Time for paper work
  • Time for decision Time to write
  • Time to converse
  • Time to confer
  • The 1 minutes manager

9.  Making Sharp Decision and Solving Problem Effectively

10 Managing Multiple Priorities

11.Managing Others for Time Efficiency

  • Communication and Influencing skills
  • Team work
  • Personal and interpersonal approaches



Supervisory, management level and specialist who are involved with production operation, scheduling and time planning, Staff, Supervisor, Section Head, Manager in every sections, etc.





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Rp6.500.000,- / participant / Non Residential

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