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Optimizing Working Capital

December 31, 2013

Optimizing Working Capital

Jadwal Pelatihan Optimizing Working Capital

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Instructor by : Drs. H. Syafarudin Alwi M.Si.


The course is aimed at all organisations who want to optimise thier working capital and improve cash flow reporting, need to understand how working capital drivers will enhance the Cash Conversion Cycle and need to ensure investors and stakeholders are viewing the right  metrics.



  • Accountants, managers and directors at all levels can impact the whole working capital pipeline of creditors, debtors, work-in-progress, process costs and product/customer margins.
  • A rigorous approach to analysing the pipeline can uncover where actions to improve working capital should be focused.
  • The treatment of working capital significantly impacts not only the accounting information of an organisation but how it is perceived by analysts and the marketplace in general.

Issues beyond the current credit crunch loom as future risks to working capital, such as corporate social responsibility, green issues and the cost of dealing with enhanced security.



  • How working capital optimisation (WCO) impacts on cash flow
  • Case studies – debtors, creditors, WIP, stock
  • Obstacles to optimising working capital
  • Risk reviews
  • What are the behavioural issues?
  • Capacity, capability, maturity of the function, department, entity, organization
  • Tools to optimise working capital – major work steps
  • Analysing and improving the working capital pipeline
  • Product, service, customer net margin analysis
  • Timescales and project resources
  • Future risks to working capital
  • CSR – the impact of new types of stakeholders
  • Green
  • Security threats
  • Single European Payments Area
  • Natural (tsunami / drought), economic and political turmoil
  • Financing of working capital
  • Debtors through factoring, securitization
  • Creditors through dynamic discounting / supply chain finance
  • Stock via suppliers JIT
  • Work in progress through instalments / progress payments / milestones





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Rp6.500.000,- / peserta / Non Residential

Minimal 3 peserta

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