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Personality Development for Secretary

November 16, 2022

Personality Development for Secretary

Jadwal Pelatihan Personality Development for Secretary

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An efficient and effective office secretary builds good image of an organization and proves to be an asset to his/her supervisor. Information technology has brought about a paradigm shift in office working and the skills required by office secretaries. Decision makers are overloaded by information and data so they need skillfully trained to stream line the flow of information. The more skills they have, the more time their organizational heads will save and the organization as a whole will become more effective and professional.

During the workshop, the participants will review and discuss which kind of duties and skills they are responsible for and which standards should be achieved in performing a variety of office tasks.



This program provides insight and increased knowledge to staff in accordance with the application of professional competence in their fields, and a clear understanding of the skills, behaviors and attitudes required of the staff. After completing this practical program, participants will be able to:

  •  understand how her role as Secretary contributes to organizational success
  •  build an effective work team
  •  plan and coordinate workflow and productivity
  •  interact with people in ways which reinforce positive working relationships
  •  show concern for excellence
  •  manage personal emotions and stress
  •  manage conflict, difficult situations and people with ease
  •  deliver presentations to small groups for maximum effect



1. Personal Management Skills

  • Find Your Place in the Management Team
  • Identifying Your Core Competencies
  • Matching Business Goals with Administrative Support

2. Developing a Professional Image

  • Characteristics of a Professional
  • Improving Your Credibility
  • Developing Confidence and Esteem

3. Communications Skills

  • Communicating Effectively
  • Active Listening Skills
  • Giving and Getting Instructions
  • Tact and Diplomacy

4. Interpersonal Skills

  • Working Relationships and Team Dynamics
  • Managing Verbal and Non-Verbal Behavior
  • Managing Your Emotions
  • Building Mutual Respect and Trust with Others

5. Partnering with Your Boss and Office Team

  • How to Deal with Your Boss and Other Team
  • Get-and-Keep Your Boss Organized
  • Working Out Problems with Your Boss

6. Dealing with Difficult People

  • Recognize, Develop and Refine Certain Personal Characteristics
  • Learn How to Tackle Conflict, Complains, Dealing with Negativity and De-motivation and or Conflict at the Workplace with Agility and Professionalism
  • How to Cope with Different Personality Types

7. Planning and Scheduling

  • Planning and Setting Objectives
  • Key Steps of Solving Problems
  • Setting Priorities and Goals
  • Urgency/Importance Dilemma

8. Conflict Resolution

  • Resolve Conflict in a Professional Manner
  • Coping with Stress
  • Dealing with Difficult People



This Program is suitable for all secretaries or professionals in each industry who lead secretarial support, manage an office environment, or work as a personal assistant within the organization





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Lunch + 2x Coffee Break


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