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Welding Inspector And Operator

February 17, 2014

Welding Inspector And Operator

Jadwal Pelatihan Welding Inspector And Operator

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  • Participant will have understanding of welding technology
  • Participant can develop welding procedure and inspection
  • Participant will increase their safety awareness of welding process


MATERI Training Welding Inspector And Operator 

1. Survey Of Joining and Cutting

  • Arc welding, Resistance welding
  • Flash welding, oxyfuel gas welding

2. Physic Of Welding

  • Energy source of welding
  • Arc characteristic, Metal transfer,  Melting rates
  • Physical properties of metal  and shield gas

3. Heat Flow In Elding

  • Fundamental of heat flow
  • Solidification rates

4.  Welding Metallurgy

  • General metallurgy, Iron and Steel metallurgy
  • Metallurgy of welding, Weld ability testing

5. Design For Welding

  • Properties of metals, Design program
  • Weld consideration, Design joint

6. Symbol For Welding and Inspection

  • Welding symbol
  • Nondestructive examination symbol

7. Residual Stress and Distortion

  • Residual stress,  Causes of residual stress,  Effect of residual stress
  • Weld distortion, Weld quality
  • Discontinuity in fusion weld joint
  • Causes and Remedies for fusion welding
  • Significant of weld discontinuity

8. Testing for Evaluation Of Welded Joint

  • Tensile properties,  Fracture toughness,  Fatique properties
  • Corrosion factor, Elevated temperature behavior

9. Code and Standards

  • ASTM,  AWS,  API

10. Qualification and Certification

  • Procedure specification,  Preparing and design WPS
  • Performance qualification
  • Quality control and Inspection qualification

11. Inspection

  • Welding inspector,  NDT examination, Destructive test

12. Safety Practices

  • Fumes and Gas,  Handling compressed gas, Electrical safety
  • Processes

13. Welding Hand On

  • Work shop / Option



Experienced engineering managerial and technical staff involved in the technical aspects of the oil, gas and chemicals industries.





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TRAINING FEE for Welding Inspector And Operator for Welding Inspector And Operator

Rp. 7.500.000,- / participant / Non residential

(Minimal 3 participant training pasti jalan)


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