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Sales Analytics

February 21, 2020

Sales Analytics

Jadwal Pelatihan Sales Analytics

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Sales analytics is the process used to identify, model, understand and predict sales trends and sales results while helping in the understanding of these trends and finding improvement points. It is used to determine the success of a previous sales drive and forecast as well as determine how future ones will fare.

Data from different pipelines and sources such as application transactions, surveys and internal applications are taken and analyzed in order to find relationships and opportunities that may be used by the organization. Relevant data is mined and then analyzed in order to forecast future sales.



  • Understand What Sales Analytics is
  • Step By Step to Create a Sales Analytics
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Forecasting Methods
  • How to Select the Right Forecasting Techniques
  • Methods to Forecast Sales



  1. What Does Sales Analytics Mean?
  2. Factors That Impact Sales Analytics
  3. Preparing
  4. Quantitative Forecasting
  5. Qualitatiive Forecasting
  6. Sales Analytics Methods
  7. Steps in Sales Analytics
  8. Study Case



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